Barefoot Shakespeare on tap at SWLT

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Southwest Little Theatre will present a Barefoot Shakespeare Production of "The Tamin' of the Shrew" at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27 and Friday, Sept. 28. The play is the first of its kind performed at Southwest Little Theatre, using the Commedia Del Arte, the first form of improvised acting used during the Italian Renaissance. Using the plot of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," SLT actors will use stock hillbilly characters and improvise the play, creating spontaneous comic situations. Pictured above are a few of the performers for the Friday night production of The Tamin' of the Shrew. In the first row, from left, are: Austin Ross, Jamison Hartin, Tristen Cain, Anna Selee, Jonathan Holliday and Brent Jordan. Second row: Kaitlin Wells-Bishop, Samantha Robbins, Brittany Miles, Shelby Munday, Shannon Mitchell and Skylie Crowe. Third row: Elijah Love, James Sellars, Taylor Gentry, Eithan Still, Alex Jiminez, Perry Tallant and Hayden Fox. Other performers include: Chris Albertson, Sam Blackstone, Chrystal Farmer, Gabe O'Steen-Mann, Valerie McKeever, Megan Cook, Jazmin Fielding, Salena Hicks, Derick Wright, Blake Barnes, Colby Ross, Kordell McNabb, Justin Ballard, Tyler Logan, Tracey Akins, Hannah Burton, Alexis Kelley, Kaylee Daniels, Sequoia Beck, Kenzie Harvey, Joan Mann, Makenzie Bowlin, Kaitlyn Roberts, Zoe Foster, Ashley Holliday, Montana Hendrix, Brittany Hackett, Victoria Williams, Baylea Ford, Amara Link, Haven Brown, Chelsie Leroy, Savannah Clay, Christopher Albertson, Seth Sharp, Clayton Taylor, Jacob Wolf, Christian Robbins, Chase Logan, Alex Cook, Anna Van Nieuwkoop and Hailey Foster. The SLT Junior High Performers will perform in comedy preshow scenes. Performers include: Wyatt McKeever, Shayla Bruno, Sarah Catron, Alexa Hudgins, Blanche Kirk, Michael Hackett, Kaitlyn Wilson, Kristen Hendrix, Chelsie Atkinson, Alissa Walker, Alexa Whitlow, Brianna Roller, Deecan Barnes, Sean Waynick, Payton Osburn, Austin Roberts, Tyler Troyer, Dylan Roller, Franklin Turner, Rebekah McKeever, Angel Phillips, Brianna Deason, Sydney Leroy, Jerica Lawrence, Hannah Outhouse, Sydney Delossantos, Cherisiti Cline, Dezaray Cannady, Allison Serrano, Taylor Swindle, Kinzie Daniels, Myka Cook, Heidi Sutter, Whitney Curry, Jymme Ash, Macey Seals, Kathrine Hedden, James Colunga, Brandon Beeson, Kenneth Durossette, Khalib Jordan, Patrice Babcock, Zoe Anderson and Darcie Colunga. The production is in dessert theatre format. For more information or to reserve tickets, call 826-5361 or email

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