Cassville CC hears budget requests

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Monday night, the Cassville City Council heard presentations on 2013 capital requests submitted by several staff members. The council also reviewed three options for the 2013 budget.

Dana Kammerlohr, chief of police, requested funding for seven expenditures. The largest request was for a patrol vehicle that will replace one of the department's high mileage cars. Kammerlohr estimated the expense at $26,500.

Kammerlohr also requested $3,000 to purchase three rifles and $1,300 to purchase two handguns. Currently, the department owns no rifles and would be forced to wait for the SWAT team located in Springfield in the event of a "shooter" emergency, said Kammerlohr. The handguns were requested to replace a damaged firearm and would be designated as a secondary weapon that could be utilized if a handgun was damaged.

Other requests included: $5,000, video equipment to replace outdated equipment in the department's interview room; $19,500, records management system; $5,400, eight computers to replace machines that are 10 years old; and $3,500, emergency equipment for the new patrol car. Kammerlohr plans to apply for a grant that would cover a large portion of the emergency equipment costs.

Steve Walensky, public works director, made capital requests for the streets, parks, water and sewer departments. He also requested $1,000 to make roof repairs to the FBO (fixed based operator) building at the municipal airport.

Capital requests for the streets department totalled $233,087.60, but Walensky identified two projects that could wait until a future year. Those projects included repairs to East 13th Street, which are estimated to cost $142,945.80, and repairs to the area between the intersection of 15th and Presley and Townsend, which are estimated to cost $39,405.80.

Walensky asked the council to consider including two street repairs in the 2013 budget. Chappell Drive and the road between Meadow Drive and Clover are both currently gravel, but Walensky hopes to be able to apply hot mix to the streets next year. The project costs are estimated at $21,336 for Chappell Drive and $8,500 for the area from Meadow Drive to Clover.

Other street department requests included: $7,500, street roller; $2,500, paint striper; $2,400, 30 new barricades; and $8,500, sand and salt spreader.

Walensky identified the need to repaint the Cassville Aquatic Center, which would cost around $35,000, but noted that the project could wait another year.

Other parks department requests were: $2,000, safety slide pad; $2,000, ADA hand rails; $1,500, 12 pool lounge chairs; $1,500, ball field dirt; $6,800, project to seal and repaint the parking lot near the Aquatic Center; $2,500, new rock for the parking areas near the soccer fields; and $5,000, all-terrain vehicle.

Walensky reported that he recently learned that the public works main utility truck, which is used to haul the welder and supplies to repair sites, likely will need a new motor, which will cost around $16,000. Walensky requested a new meter reader truck for the water department to replace the utility truck. He estimated that a new vehicle will cost around $25,000.

Walensky also requested the following expenditures for the water and sewer departments: $2,000, roof repairs at well 1C; $10,000, handheld GPS; $31,800, wastewater treatment plant equipment; and $26,000 to reline eight manholes, replace five manholes and replace or reline sewer lines.

Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, submitted two requests. She asked for $2,500 to purchase and install an ADA-compliant commercial door opener for the city hall and $4,650 for a website payment system, which would allow residents to pay their utility bills online.

The draft budget presented to the aldermen included three options.

The first option is based on a projection that sales tax revenues will increase 1 percent next year. Currently, the city has collected 4.3 percent more sales tax than in 2011.

The option also includes a 1.5 percent pay increase for all administrative and public works employees and increases the police officer base salary to $27,000 per year.

The second option also projects sales tax revenues will increase 1 percent and provides a 1.5 percent pay increase for all full-time employees including police officers.

The third option is based on sales tax revenues staying the same in 2013. The option also provides a 1.5 percent increase for all full-time employees.

The 1.5 percent pay increase was recommended by Mayor Bill Shiveley. The mayor also asked Noelle Harmon, city clerk, to eliminate comp time for hourly employees in the 2013 budget. Instead of receiving comp time, which provides employees with time off to compensate for overtime hours, Shiveley recommended adding an overtime expenditure to the draft budget.

The council scheduled a budget work study session to be held at the Cassville City Hall at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

In other business, the Cassville City Council:

* Heard from John Potter, Garden Sass Farmers' Market president, who requested a sign on Business 37 for the market. Walensky will contact the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to obtain cost information. The Garden Sass Farmers' Market Association has volunteered to pay for the sign.

* Directed Harmon to apply for MoDOT Transportation Enhancement and Safe Routes to Schools grants, which will be available in the coming months.

* Received proposed updates for the city's personnel policies.

* Directed Harmon to continue advertising the city hall repair project in the newspaper and on Dodge Reports. The city received no bids for the project after advertising the project on the city website and in the newspaper for one week.

* Voted to purchase a 2013 Dodge Police Charger from Landmark Dodge for $22,889. Les Jacobs also submitted a $22,754.92 bid for a 2013 Ford Police Sedan and a $25,901.92 for a 2013 Ford Police Explorer. The Charger was selected based on cost and interior space.

* Approved a $2,436 expenditure for the Tri-State Water Resource Coalition's annual membership dues.

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