Butterfield treasurer resigns

Friday, August 31, 2012

Butterfield City Treasurer Anna Marie Erwin submitted her resignation to the Butterfield City Council, stating her last day would be June 11.

Aldermen have elected not to replace the treasurer's position.

Work on the new city well continues, with the depth last reported at 1,350 feet. Plans are to continue drilling to a deeper aquifer to ensure a better water flow. All of the water lines should be completed within the next few weeks with the exception of the dedicated main, which still needs to be installed.

City Clerk Tracy Anders spoke to Bill Hiveley with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) concerning an old water loan the city had with that agency. Hively recommended the city pay off the old loan from the well reserve fund to pay a portion of the balance, with the remainder to be paid directly from the utility account.

The city will receive some reimbursement funds for payments made directly to Simmons Engineering for the new well project. Those funds will be deposited into the well reserve account to be used toward the new USDA loan.

The city of Aurora will no longer be accepting sludge from the city of Butterfield. Although tests on Butterfield's sludge have come back within normal parameters, Aurora continues to refuse to accept sludge. Currently, sludge is being hauled to Springfield or Mt. Vernon for disposal.

Officer Danny Privett, with the Butterfield Police Department, reported the patrol car had a cracked intake manifold. City officials will obtain cost estimates to get the vehicle repaired.

The City of Butterfield is also seeking to pass an ordinance making synthetic cannabinoids illegal.

In other business, aldermen approved payment of:

* $493.50 to Gilbert Law Firm.

* $112,272.76 to Simmons Engineering.

* $300 to Simons Engineering for a land disturbance permit.

* $4,800 to Arkansas and Missouri Railroad.

* $79,631,21 to Lathrop Construction.

Aldermen have hired Sue Bacorn, of Bacorn Enterprises in Springfield, to handle the payment ledgers for the water project. Bacorn is the city's Community Development Block Grant administrator.

The next meeting of the Butterfield City Council will be at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 13 at City Hall.

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