Flu vaccine has arrived in county

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees learned that the county has received a portion of its flu vaccine shipment during the board's regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 16.

Carol Landstad, public health program coordinator, reported that the health department has received between 700 and 800 doses of the flu vaccine.

"The vaccine is coming in early this year," said Landstad. "There is no delay this year. We have received close to half of our shipment."

The health department has ordered 1,800 doses of the flu vaccine this year, said Landstad.

"When people call about the vaccine, we are telling them they can go ahead and come in to get shots," said Landstad. "We will run ads in the newspaper the second week of September."

Medicare will cover the cost associated with the flu vaccine. Individuals who do not receive Medicare can receive the flu shot for $20.

"We don't have the vaccine for the young children yet," said Landstad. "We are still waiting on that."

In new business, Roger Brock, health department administrator, suggested the department begin assessing a $5 administrative fee for a new verbal assessment that will be conducted by a member of the nursing staff before a TB test is administered.

"The assessment is done to ensure that the person actually needs a TB test done," said Landstad.

The health department currently charges $10 for the test. The additional fee will increase the cost to $15.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees:

* Heard that Harold Kirby and Jo Anderson, from the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), visited the Cassville office to discuss decreases in core contract funding.

* Set the 2012 tax levy at $0.0710. The rate, which is recommended by DHSS based on each county's assessed valuation, was set at $0.0708 in 2011.

* Heard that Kurt Kruger, of CPA Group, has started the 2011 audit process.

* Reviewed the service fees, public health programs, service counts, environmental and administrator's reports.

* Heard that the department will receive the $25,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health during the first or second week of September. The grant funds will be used for equipment purchases.

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