We are Cassville

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love living in Cassville. We have a great business community that goes out of its way to support local youth, our school, non-profit organizations and events. We have a top-notch school system that earns Distinction in Performance and other prestigious awards every year. We live minutes from one of the most beautiful state parks in the country. Our residents know each other, care about each other and go out of the way to help each other. I take pride in serving as the editor of the Cassville Democrat, and I take pride in living in Cassville and being a part of the Cassville community.

Around two months ago, I learned that Cassville is being misrepresented by Google. I'm not saying that Google is not a great search engine or a great company, but Google has made a big mistake. Google Maps has misnamed Cassville as Kirksville.

Several of our community members have worked to try to correct this mistake. Mindi Artherton, Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, has sent requests for a correction to Google. She has also spoken with the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce regarding the issue and asked the Kirksville Chamber director and the Cassville Chamber Board members to send requests to Google. Cassville City Clerk Noelle Harmon has also sent requests for a correction to Google, but the map still refers to Cassville's location as Kirksville.

I'm sure Kirksville is a great place to live. A promotional video on the City of Kirksville website describes the city as a regional hub for shopping, service, education, industry and healthcare. The video also says the town is a great place to settle and raise a family. The city prides itself in its parks and recreation and economic opportunities. Kirksville sounds great, but it's not Cassville.

If you love Cassville as much as I do, take a minute this week to send a correction request to Google. You can report a problem by visiting maps.google.com and clicking on the "report a problem" link at the bottom of the left hand column. On Google's help page it says, "In some cases, we might not be able to immediately confirm a solution to your problem. As more people tell us about the issue, we'll have more information that we can use to verify the fix we need to make."

It's time to make some noise, Cassville residents. It's time to tell Google that we are okay with being called Home of the Wildcats, City of Seven Valleys, Gateway to Roaring River State Park or simply Cassville, but we are not okay with being called Kirksville.

Lindsay Reed