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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pet raccoon should be returned

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regards to the article that Larry Dablemont (Outdoors) had in last week's Democrat paper about the Evans family and their pet raccoon known as Scooter.

We know Tim and Teresa Evans. They have grown up in the Seligman community. They are a nice family, work hard, have helped with community organizations and are a well liked family. It is very disturbing to know that a conservation agent, in this case two agents in two different trucks, can come into your home and onto your property without a warrant or identifying themselves and take a pet that you have cared for over the last eight years.

Is there a conservation agent that can define confinement? They take an animal that can come in and out of a home and has 30 or more acres to run. He could of left the home and went to the woods anytime he wanted to but Scooter broke the law by choosing to stay with a family that fed him. He had air conditioning and warmth in the winter, but the conservation has put him in a cage and gave him to someone with a piece of paper that says permit.

He has been in a cage for three weeks now. When I was in school that was called confinement. They have even told Teresa that they may put him to death. I am sure he hasn't been petted or cared for like he was used to.

I think Mr. Dablemont wrote a very good article. Do we need to call a conservation agent when we get a squirrel in the attic, a wild mouse or wild rat in the house, a bird or snake in the garage? How about a cricket in the house this fall? Sounds like it to me. I sure don't want a fine or a year in jail.

Our grandson has played with Scooter, and he wasn't a threat to anyone. He has a walking problem and will die in the wild. If they don't let the Evans family have Scooter back, we all are threatened by communism from the conservation agents that receive pay from the hard working people in Missouri.

They say it is a law that you can't have a wild animal in confinement. Scooter hasn't been wild for eight years. It is the law that you can't manufacture and sell drugs either, but those people are put on probation everyday. If Scooter broke the law by choosing to stay in a home then put Scooter on probation under the supervision of the Evans family. Most raccoons don't live over 10 years of age. Let Scooter live out his life where he has been for eight years.

Thank you,

Cleta Stanley

Seligman, Missouri

Residents should be aware of dress code

Dear Editor:

I was recently made aware that the Judicial Center has a mandatory dress code and has been enforcing it at the door. I have asked several people now, and it seems that most residents of Barry County are unaware of this new dress code.

Only upon entrance to the Judicial Center are you made aware of this fact. My opinion is this should have been published in the local newspaper so those who may not be aware can be more prepared.

I received the following upon request from the bailiff:

"In order to maintain order and uphold the dignity and decorum of the judicial branch of our government, rules of conduct and dress for litigants, counsel, witnesses, court staff and spectators will ensure that persons in the courtroom do not obstruct or interfere with the orderly transaction of court business nor degrade or insult the dignity of the judicial proceedings, judicial officers, witnesses and others in the courtroom.

"Shirts and shoes must be worn in the courtroom, and prohibited attire includes: heavily soiled work clothing; bare-midriff outfits; shorts, cut-offs and halter tops; tank tops, undershirts and see-through blouses; bathing suits and lingerie; nonprescription sunglasses, hats and helmets; pajamas, baggy pants or pants that drag on the ground; and clothing emblazoned with obscene words, images or messages contemptuous or disrespectful of the judicial process."

Thank You,

Charles Britton

Cassville, Missouri