We love hearing from our readers

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last week, the Cassville Democrat received a very nice letter from long-time subscriber and reader Edna Faye King, who formerly lived in Cassville but now resides in Stuttgart, Ark. In her letter, Edna shared that she celebrated her 98th birthday in March. She also shared that the weather is much like we are experiencing in Barry County, warm and dry. "I miss living in Cassville but look forward to the Democrat," Edna wrote in her letter.

Our newspaper staff loves receiving letters, emails and calls like this. We love hearing from our readers. In addition to receiving compliments, we appreciate receiving feedback on issues covered in the Cassville Democrat, and yes, we even appreciate being notified about mistakes so that we are able to run corrections to ensure readers have accurate information.

On July 31, as we were working to complete our Aug. 1 edition, we experienced an interruption in our Internet service, which unfortunately also meant our staff did not receive incoming emails. This loss in service is always nerve wracking, but it is even more frustrating on a busy publication day. Not only do we feel cut off from sources, but we also worry about missing important information from our community.

We send the newspaper to the press somewhere around 5 p.m. each Tuesday. Occasionally, late breaking news or events, like this week's election, will require us to work on the newspaper later into the evening, but even on those nights the newspaper is usually sent to the press by around 10 p.m. For this reason, if a reader sends an email to us after 5 p.m. on a Tuesday the information will not likely get into that week's newspaper. Things also get a little hectic around our office on Tuesday afternoons. We are finishing stories and getting ready to place news items on the pages. Due to the fast-paced schedule, items received Tuesday afternoons are placed by priority. On top of this, when we experience a loss of Internet and email services, like we did last week, we are unable to access any items sent to our staff, which means those items will not make it into the newspaper before it is sent to the press. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to send information to our staff as early as possible.

Our staff members try to send a reply email for each message that is received. These replies let the sender know that we have the information or photo, and we will be preparing it for publication. If you send us an item and you do not receive a reply, please feel free to give us a call at 847-2610 to confirm receipt.

I would also like to add a quick reminder on sending photos. We prefer the unedited jpg file. We will format the photo to meet our specifications for newspaper print. If you are unable to send a jpg file, you can always bring a print into our office, and we can scan a digital image of the photo.

Thank you Edna for your thoughtful letter this week, and thanks to all the readers who continue to support the Cassville Democrat. If you have information you would like to submit to us, email it to editor@cassville-democrat.com or drop by our office at 600 Main St.

Lindsay Reed