WaterThrashers win conference championship

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Monett WaterThrashers closed out the summer swim season in style, winning the Tri-State "A" Championship meet at the John Brown University pool in Siloam Springs, Ark.

"Our goal this season was to help each of our 147 individuals work and achieve the very best," said Christin Janssen, WaterThrashers head coach. "In turn our team would then perform to the best of their ability."

The WaterThrashers scored 677.5 points for the victory, far ahead of second place Webb City's 537.5. Parsons (Kan.) Dolphins Swim team took third with 328 points, and the Branson Waves swim team finished fourth with 259 points in the 12-team meet.

"I was very proud of our team," said Janssen. "I knew that we could swim fast, but our kids worked together and swam faster than my expectations. It was a team effort."

The WaterThrashers claimed their 11th Tri-State Conference "A" in the last 13 years.

"We scored a lot of points with our relay teams," said Janssen. "We averaged just over two kids per finals race and even doubled up scoring with two relays in the top six in a few areas. This year, we had several younger swimmers step up and contribute points. With all age groups scoring points, it shows that we are doing the right thing and continue to have a strong program."

In addition to the "A" championship the WaterThrashers also won the Missouri State Aquatics, Lamar and Monett meets. They took second in the team event at Webb City and the "B" championship at Carthage and recorded a third place team finish at Branson.

Results for the "A" Championship are as follows:

First place

* Boys 8-and-under, 100-yard medley relay: Jack Rosebaugh, Harrison Merriman, Ethan Umfleet and Matthew Fillinger, 1:22.81.

* Girls 8-and-under, 100-yard medley relay: Bridie Finch, Olivia Janssen, Nina Cowherd and Keeley Finch, 1:28.02.

* Boys 10-and-under, 100-yard medley relay: Logan Umfleet, Wesley Merriman, Matthew Bahl and Doss Nation, 1:13.89.

* Boys 15-18, 200-yard medley relay: Grant Oganesyan, Reese Bounous, Carter Huffmaster and Kurran Blamey, 1:48.15.

* Girls 15-18, 200-yard medley relay: Elise Meyer, Courtney Cordova, Chloe Ridgley and Maddy Glouse, 2:01.36.

* Boys 8-and-under, 25-yard freestyle: Ethan Umfleet, 15.54.

* Boys 8-and-under, 100-yard freestyle relay: Matthew Fillinger, Harrison Merriman, Jack Rosebaugh and Ethan Umfleet, 1:17.64.

* Girls 8-and-under, 100-yard freestyle relay: Olivia Janssen, Keeley Finch, Nina Cowherd and Bridie Finch, 1:16.51.

* Girls 15-18, 200-yard freestyle relay: Maddy Glouse, Elise Meyer, Sophie Fulton and Chloe Ridgley, 1:48.94.

* Boys 8-and-under, 25-yard butterfly: Ethan Umfleet, 18.58.

* Girls 15-18, 50-yard butterfly: Chloe Ridgley, 27.09.

Swim team Chuck Nickle Photography The Monett WaterThrashers won the Tri-State Conference "A" championship last weekend in Siloam Springs, Ark. Members of this year's WaterThrashers team are pictured above, they are: Kash Adams, Carson Burt, Nina Cowherd, Ryan Goodson, Adelyn Janssen, Mary Elizabeth Jastal, Lauren Miller, Abigail Apostol, Tatum Burt, Sadie Camp, Andrew Dixon, Matthew Fillinger, Bridie Finch, Keeley Finch, Macy Flynt, Turner Goodson, Isaac Henley, William Holmes, Olivia Janssen, Christian Johnson, Kaia Johnson, Maci Jungman, Evan Lauderdale, Grace Lee, Gwendolyn Lesue, Andrew Mays, Harrison Merriman, Isabella Mosley, Claire Nation, Olivia Osborn, Tristen Ostertag, Boston Patillo, Jack Rosebaugh, Sofia Semerad, Ethan Umfleet, Elsie Verhoff, Jackson Young, Matthew Bahl, Adryan Bello, Riley Braden, Alice Camp, Mary Grace Cowherd, Kelsey Dalton, Faith Drewianka, Sara Drewianka, Carmen Fillinger, Payton Flynt, Noah Holmes, Abigail Jastal, Madelyn Jones, Halle Jungman, McKenzie Langley, Maggie Lauderdale, Ana Lesue, Wesley Merriman, Maddie Mertens, Doss Nation, Blake Pachner, Jadzia Painter, Sydney Parrion, Samuel Paszek, Abby Patton, Ashton Prine, Evan Seifried, Christian Selvey, Nathan Swadley, Mason Turben, Logan Umfleet, Ben Verstrate, Cassidy Abramovitz, Kristen Abramovitz, Josh Bahl, Jack Barta, Ashley Batson, Trenton Byers, Gavin Carr, Shay Dalton, Karmen DePriest, Joshua Dixon, Harrison Finch, Bailey Flynt, Rosa Fulton, Lianna Griffin, Maddy Lee, Benjamin Lesue, Timothy Mays, Blake Miller, Madeline Mosley, Kaylee Nava-Johnson, Aspen Oakley, Cassidy Pachner, Randi Prock, Hailee Randall, Jude Rosebaugh, Kelli Sangston, Brayden Selvey, Amy Swadley, Wayne Verhoff, Samantha Watson, Lane Witt, Alex Bahl, Gabby Barnes, Madison Barnes, Sydney Barta, Lauren Bass, Jasmine Bello, William Bloss, Mackenzie Braden, Dakota Campbell, Jansen Carr, Jaxon Courtney, Morgan Grissom, Sean Jastal, Samuel Mays, Whitney Mosley, Jonah Paszek, Ethan Prine, Lauren Seifried, Ginna Verhoff, Wesley Abramovitz, Tyler Ash, Megan Ballay, Bridget Barta, Tyler Bass, Kurran Blamey, Kendall Bounous, Reese Bounous, Courtney Brown, Daniel Bryan, Claudia Chadwick, Matthew Childress, Courtney Cordova, George Fulton, Sophie Fulton, Maddy Glouse, Carter Huffmaster, Jesse Jastal, Megan Johnson, Ireland Mertens, Elise Meyer, Grant Oganesyan, Chloe Ridgley, Phillip Roller, Alex Schmitt, Stephanie Schumacher, Zach Swearingen and Tallie Williams. Coaches for the team were: Christin Janssen, Charles LaGarce, Dan Janssen, Brooke Chrisman, Samantha Dohmen, Tandi Glouse and Kaitlyn Schumacher.

Second place

* Boys 15-18, 200-yard freestyle: Carter Huffmaster, 1:53.10.

* Girls 13-14, 200-yard medley relay: Ginna Verhoff, Lauren Seifried, Alex Bahl and Lauren Bass, 2:13.43.

* Girls 8-and-under, 25 Yard Freestyle: Bridie Finch, 15.81.

* Boys 15-18, 50-yard freestyle: Carter Huffmaster, 23.33.

* Boys 8-and-under, 25-yard backstroke: Ethan Umfleet, 19.86.

* Girls 8-and-under, 25-yard backstroke: Bridie Finch, 19.94.

* Boys 15-18, 50-yard backstroke: Carter Huffmaster, 27.14.

* Boys 8-and-under, 100-yard IM: Ethan Umfleet, 1:38.80.

* Girls 8-and-under, 100-yard IM: Bridie Finch, 1:38.05.

* Boys 11-12, 100-yard IM: Jack Barta, 1:15.77.

* Boys 15-18, 200-yard freestyle: Carter Huffmaster, 1:53.10.

* Boys 10-and-under, 100-yard freestyle relay: Adryan Bello, McKenzie Langley, Doss Nation and Logan Umfleet, 1:05.57.

* Boys 11-12, 200-yard freestyle relay: Lane Witt, Gavin Carr, Harrison Finch and Jack Barta, 2:08.51.

* Boys 15-18, 200-yard freestyle relay: Kurran Blamey, Reese Bounous, Tyler Bass and Carter Huffmaster, 1:34.38

* Girls 8-and-under, 25-yard butterfly: Bridie Finch, 18.81.

* Boys 11-12, 50-yard butterfly: Jack Barta, 31.20.

* Boys 8-and-under, 50-yard freestyle: Ethan Umfleet, 34.38.

* Girls 8-and-under, 50-yard freestyle: Bridie Finch, 37.46.

* Boys 15-18, 100-yard freestyle: Carter Huffmaster, 50.02.

* Boys 8-and-under, 25-yard breaststroke: Ethan Umfleet, 22.19.

Third place

* Boys 11-12, 200-yard medley relay: Blake Miller, Harrison Finch, Jack Barta and Lane Witt, 2:26.20.

* Boys 15-18, 200-yard medley relay: Wesley Abramovitz, Tyler Ash, Phillip Roller and Tyler Bass, 1:52.34.

* Boys 8-and-under, 25 Yard Freestyle: Matthew Fillinger, 17.45.

* Girls 15-18, 50-yard freestyle: Chloe Ridgley, 26.01.

* Boys 11-12, 50-yard backstroke: Jack Barta, 34.53.

* Boys 15-18, 50-yard backstroke: Grant Oganesyan, 27.29.

* Girls 15-18, 50-yard backstroke: Chloe Ridgley, 30.75.

* Girls 8-and-under, 100-yard IM: Olivia Janssen, 1:40.26.

* Boys 13-14, 200-yard freestyle relay: William Bloss, Jaxon Courtney, Ethan Prine and Jonah Paszek, 1:50.17.

* Girls 13-14, 200-yard freestyle relay: Alex Bahl, Ginna Verhoff, Lauren Seifried and Lauren Bass, 1:59.27.

* Boys 9-10, 50-yard butterfly: Logan Umfleet, 38.96.

* Girls 8-and-under, 50-yard freestyle: Olivia Janssen, 39.37.

* Boys 9-10, 100-yard freestyle: Logan Umfleet, 1:15.92.

* Boys 11-12, 100-yard freestyle: Jack Barta, 1:05.80.

* Girls 8-and-under, 25-yard breaststroke: Olivia Janssen, 23.20.

* Boys 15-18, 50-yard breaststroke: Kurran Blamey, 30.44.

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