MSU program to begin in Cassville fall semester

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Missouri State University will begin offering its elementary education degree completion program at the Crowder College Cassville Campus this fall. Enrollments are still be accepted for fall classes.

"We started offering this program at the Neosho campus in 1997 and at the Nevada campus a couple years ago," said Larry Nichols, Missouri State University Outreach coordinator. "The program is designed for students who have completed a two-year associate of arts degree in teaching at Cassville.

"This program will allow them to stay on the Cassville Campus and complete their bachelor's degree," added Nichols.

The program will utilize a cohort system, which means a group of students will move through the five-semester program together. Nichols said that Missouri State University will start a new group of students each fall.

"Students will complete four semesters on campus and then another fall semester in student teaching," said Nichols. "Then, they will be eligible to be certified in any elementary grade in any subject. They can also add middle school certifications in language arts and social studies."

Currently a group of around six students have enrolled in the new program.

"That is what we expected," said Nichols. "We usually have a small number to start the first fall semester and have around six students complete the program the first time through, but then we have more the next semester as additional students learn about the program."

Students who enroll in the program will complete the following classes on the Cassville Campus during the first semester: introduction to philosophy of middle school; foundations of math for teachers; and foundations of reading instruction for teachers.

"We will have interactive video equipment set up in the classroom," said Nichols. "We have a teacher in Neosho and that class will be sent to the Nevada and Cassville campuses.

"Using one teacher in one location and video technology at the other locations students can interact with the teacher and the other students taking part in the class on other campuses," said Nichols.

A teacher's assistant will also be availble to assist students onsite at the Cassville Campus.

In addition to the three classroom courses, students in the program will complete an introduction to special education class online during the fall semester.

"We have high hopes for the program," said Nichols. "We are hoping to attract students who are unable to commute or relocate to Springfield. This will allow them to finish their bachelor's degree in Cassville, and then hopefully obtain employment in the local area."

Students interested in the new bachelor's degree completion program must be admitted to Missouri State University before enrolling in the program. Advisor Patsy Garner is available at the Cassville Campus to answer questions and assist students.

For more information on program requirements, call Garner at 847-1706.

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