Seligman CC reviews dangerous buildings

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Members of the Seligman City Council are looking at what can be done about several dangerous buildings in the community.

Aldermen have appointed Sgt. Garry Thornton, of the Seligman Police Department, as code enforcement officer for the city. Thornton will be investigating ownership of the properties in question in an effort to get property owners to take corrective action. Thornton will also be issuing citations for high grass and weeds and other nuisances that are in violation of city ordinances.

In other business, David Compton, Barry County Emergency Management director, met with city officials to discuss appropriate storm shelters or refuge areas for citizens in the event of severe weather.

"So far, the city has nothing that would meet the requirements of a certified storm shelter," said Brian Nichols, city clerk. "We will be appointing a committee next month to look into various options for the city."

Those interested in serving on the committee are encouraged to contact the Seligman City Hall at 417-662-3600.

Seligman Chief of Police Marion Jacobson reported 77 traffic stops in June, with 58 citations issued and 19 warnings given. A total of 10 arrests were made and five crashes worked in the month of June. Jacobson also reported six building checks, 55 reports and one citizen contact.

The city's GED classes are slated to start again on Aug. 11. Those interested in obtaining a GED are invited to contact Nichols at the Seligman Library at 417-662-3603.

Seligman's Planning and Zoning committee is still in need of a new chairperson and members. Interested persons should call the city hall at 662-3600 for more information.

Aldermen changed the holiday policy for city employees. All regular employees will receive eight hours of compensation for legal holidays. Police officers will be required to work their scheduled shift, regardless of the holiday, and receive eight hours of normal compensation.

Reasonable notice must also be given to the mayor in order to use accrued vacation time so there is no lapse in coverage.

Since the city started selling bulk water at a rate of 25-cents for 55 gallons, business has been good. The first few weeks of the sales generated over $106 for the city.

The next regular meeting of the Seligman City Council will take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 16 at city hall.

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