Council reviews departmental reports

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Cassville City Council reviewed departmental reports during its regularly scheduled meeting on July 9. The reports included information on the city's finances, police department and public works.

According to the finance department report, which was presented by Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, the city has spent $96,083.34 on its bypass elimination and stormwater plan.

COP (certificates of participation) bonds and the DREAM grant have provided funding for the study that was completed by Olsson and Associates. The city has earmarked another $15,916.66 for the bypass elimination plan.

A total of $39,234.31 has been spent on the meter replacement project, which is also being funded using COP bond monies. The city must use the remaining portion of the COP funding by Aug. 13, 2013. Aldermen have earmarked $304,080.37 for the remainder of the meter replacement project.

The design phase for the airport sealing project cost the city $14,564.42, and $10,883.65 has been spent on engineering services for the project. The construction portion of the project will total $77,284.33. Around $8,835 remains in outstanding expenses.

The sealing project is funded through a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) FAA grant. The grant is a 95 percent match, which means the city is only responsible for 5 percent of project costs.

Cooper also reported that city staff members have been monitoring the utility billing and collections. Water receipts increased by $47,639 or 24 percent and sewer receipts increased by $69,972 or 37 percent when compared to June of 2011.

Police department

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr reported that she has hired two new officers, Scott Salkill and Eric Terry. Salkill worked for the Barry County Sheriff's Office for six months before he began serving the city on June 8, and Terry worked for the Jasper County Sheriff's Office for around 12 years before he joined the Cassville Police Department on June 29.

The city police department received 479 calls for service through central dispatch in June. A total of 312 report numbers were generated during the month.

Public works

Steve Walensky, public works director, reported that the city's six wells pumped 15,989,000 gallons of water during the month of June. This is the highest amount pumped in a month so far this year.

The public works department replaced 12 failed residential meters and added three new residential meters to the system during June. Only one water leak occurred during the month.

The parks department repaired and repainted all of the barbecue grills in the park areas. New base metal was welded to the bottom of each grill making them look nearly new.

A new record of fuel sales for a single month was set at the municipal airport in June. Around 650 gallons of fuel were sold.

Public works employees televised 587 feet of the sewer system and completed 7,591 feet of sewer cleaning during the month. Large root balls were discovered, which resulted in digging up and replacing over 30 feet of the sewer line near Rosedale and between Townsend and Main Street at 14th Street.

After receiving a request from a business owner to address a safety issue at 13th and Harold, staff members added a whistle and extended the sidewalk with cold mix.

Walensky has contacted MoDOT and requested restriping for the downtown crosswalks and repair of the shoulders on Business 37. The public works department placed a pedestrian yield sign on the crosswalk at the courthouse and Main Street in downtown Cassville.

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