WaterThrashers win Monett swim meet

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Monett WaterThrashers won the WaterThrashers Invitational Swim Meet last Saturday and Sunday. Over 600 swimmers from four states competed in this year's event.

Monett compiled 1,790.5 team points to secure first place, the Joplin Stingrays finished second with 1,045 points, Siloam Springs was third with 860.5 points and Branson Waves Swim Team finished fourth with 696.5 points.

Results for the WaterThrashers' swimmers who finished in the top eight of their respective events are as follows.

6-and-under girls A division

* 25-yard free style: Nina Cowherd, first.

* 25-yard fly: Cowherd, first.

8-and-under girls A division

* 50-yard free style: Bridie Finch, second; and Olivia Janssen, fourth.

* 25-yard backstroke: Finch, second.

* 25-yard fly: Finch, second; and Janssen, fifth.

* 100-yard IM: Finch, third; and Janssen, second.

* 25-yard free style: Finch, third; and Janssen, second.

* 25-yard breast stroke, Finch, third; and Janssen, second.

8-and-under boys A division

* 25-yard free style: Ethan Umfleet, first; Matthew Fillinger, third; and Jack Rosebaugh, seventh.

* 50-yard free style: Umfleet, first; Fillinger, third; and Rosebaugh, fifth.

* 25-yard backstroke: Umfleet, first.

* 25-yard breast stoke: Umfleet, second; Rosebaugh, sixth.

* 25-yard fly: Umfleet, second; Fillinger, fourth; and Rosebaugh, fifth.

* 100-meter IM: Umfleet, second.

10-and-under boys A division

* 50-yard fly: Logan Umfleet, Second; and Adryan Bello, sixth.

* 50-yard free style: Umfleet, third; and Bello, sixth.

* 100-yard free style: Umfleet, fourth; and Bello, sixth.

* 50-yard breast stroke: Umfleet, fourth; and Bello, seventh.

* 100-meter IM: Umfleet, fourth; and Bello, sixth.

*50-yard back stroke: Umfleet, fifth; and Bello, seventh.

11-and-12 girls A division

* 50-yard free style: Shay Dalton, fifth.

* 100-yard free style: Dalton, fifth.

* 100-meter IM: Dalton, eighth.

11-and-12 boys A division

* 50-yard fly: Jack Barta, second.

* 50-yard free style: Barta, first.

* 100-yard free style: Barta, second.

* 50-yard breast stroke: Barta, fifth.

* 100-meter IM: Barta, sixth.

* 50-yard back stroke: Barta, first.

13-and-14 girls A division

* 50-yard fly: Ginna Verhoff, fourth.

* 50-yard free style: Lauren Bass, sixth.

* 100-yard free style: Bass, fifth.

* 200-yard IM: Ginna, second; and Bass, sixth.

*50-yard back stroke: Bass, second; and Ginna, fifth.

13-and-14 boys A division

* 50-yard fly: Janssen Carr, third; and Willam Bloss, eighth.

* 50-yard free style: Jonah Paszek, third; Bloss, fourth; and Carr, fifth.

* 100-yard free style: Bloss, fifth; and Paszek, eighth.

* 50-yard breast stroke: Paszek, third; and Carr, eighth.

* 200-yard IM: Bloss, fourth.

* 50-yard back stroke: Paszek, sixth.

15-and-18 girls A division

* 50-yard fly: Chloe Ridgley, first; and Elise Meyer, fifth.

* 50-yard free style: Maddy Glouse, fifth; and Meyer, eighth.

* 100-yard free style: Ridgley, third; and Glouse, sixth.

* 200-yard free style: Glouse, sixth.

* 50-yard breast stroke: Glouse, fifth; and Ridgley, eighth.

* 200-yard IM: Glouse, fifth.

* 50-yard back stroke: Meyer, fourth.

15-and-18 boys A division

* 50-yard fly: Carter Huffmaster, first; Grant Oganesyan, second; Kurran Blamey, third; and Wesley Abramovitz, eighth.

* 50-yard free style: Huffmaster, second; Bass, fourth; Blamey, third; and Abramovitz, eighth.

* 100-yard free style: Huffmaster, first; Bass, third; Oganesyan, fourth; Abramovitz, sixth; and Blamey, eighth.

* 200-yard free style: Huffmaster, second; and Oganesyan, eighth.

* 50-yard breast stroke: Bass, first; Oganesyan, fifth; Blamey, second; and Abramovitz, fourth.

* 200-yard IM: Bass, sixth; Oganesyan, fourth; and Abramovitz, seventh.

* 50-yard back stroke: Huffmaster, second; Bass, fifth; Oganesyan, first; Blamey, eighth; and Abramovitz, third.

The WaterThrashers travel to Branson this weekend for the Waves Invitational.

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