WaterThrashers fifth at Pittsburg

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Monett WaterThrashers traveled west over the weekend to compete in the Pittsburg, Kan., YMCA Invitational Swim Meet and finished a respectable fifth in the team rankings.

"We didn't take a lot of our kids, and we had a lot of new swimmers, but they swam very well," said coach Cristin Janssen. "Nina Cowherd had best times in all of her events and swam very well earning the high point award in the 6-and-under girls age group. Jack Barta also had many best times, swam very well and earned third place overall in the 11-12 boys division."

Besides Cowherd and Barta, Olivia Janssen had a fine weekend, scoring in six individual events.

"We had many swimmers where this was their first swim meet, and they all swam very well and looked competitive in their age-groups, I was really proud of them," beamed Janssen.

"Our more experienced swimmers also swam well with many best times achieved and many A qualifying times achieved," said Janssen. "It is very exciting to see them reaching these goals with just a week and a half of practice. I thought they did an excellent job, and I was very pleased with where we are beginning the season."

Results for the WaterThrashers are as follows:

Boys 15-18 division

* 50-meter freestyle: Daniel Bryan, third, 27.08; and Zach Swearingen, fifth, 27.37.

* 200-meter freestyle: Bryan, second, 2:16.64; and Swearingen, fifth, 2:30.20.

* 50-meter backstroke: Bryan, second, 32.74; Swearingen, fourth, 35.60; and Alex Schmitt, fifth, 37.45.

* 200-meter IM: Swearingen, third, 3:00.30.

* 50-meter fly: Wesley Abramovitz, fifth, 29.66.

* 100-meter freestyle: Abramovitz, fifth, 58.05.

* 50-meter breaststroke: Abramovitz, second, 33.68.

Boys 13-14 division

* 50-meter backstroke: Coda Campbell, sixth, 1:07.31.

Boys 11-12 division

* 50-meter freestyle: Jack Barta, third, 29.63.

* 50-meter backstroke: Barta, second, 35.97.

* 100-meter IM: Barta, third, 1:20.78

* 50-meter fly: Barta, second, 32.42.

* 100-meter freestyle: Barta, second. 1:06.36.

* 50-meter breaststroke: Barta, fourth, 46.07.

Girls 15-18 division

* 200-meter freestyle relay: Ireland Mertens, Tallie Williams, Bridget Barta and Sophie Fulton, first, 2:15.22.

* 50-meter fly: Fulton, fifth, 32.92.

* 50-meter breaststroke: Fulton, fifth, 40.44.

Girls 13-14 division

* 50-meter backstroke: Sydney Barta, sixth, 36.51.

* 50-meter Fly: Lauren Seifried, fifth, 34.23.

Girls 11-12 division

* 200-meter medley relay: Randi Prock, Cassidy Abramovitz, Maddy Lee and Kristen Abramovitz, fifth, 2:43.62.

* 200-meter freestyle relay: Rosa Fulton, Kristen Abramovitz, Randi Prock and Cassidy Abramovitz, fifth, 2:17.50.


10-and-under division

* 100-meter medley relay: Sara Drewianka, Mary Grace Cowherd, Maddie Mertens and Ana Lesue, sixth, 1:49.31.

* 100 Free Relay: Mary Grace Cowherd, Nina Cowherd, Maddie Mertens and Olivia Janssen, fourth, 1:22.31.

Girls 8-and-under

* 100-meter medley relay: Nina Cowherd, Grace Lee, Olivia Janssen and Gwendolyn Lesue, first, 2:40.44.

* 25-meter freestyle: Janssen, fourth, 21.13.

* 25-meter backstroke: Janssen, fourth, 25.20.

* 100-meter IM: Janssen, third, 1:50.53.

* 25-meter fly: Janssen, third, 22.83.

* 50-meter freestyle: Janssen, fourth, 45.47; and Nina Cowherd, fifth, 50.72.

* 25-meter breaststroke: Janssen, second, 24.74.

Girls 6-and-under

* 25-meter freestyle: Nina Cowherd, second, 21.37.

* 25-meter back: Nina Cowherd, third, 30.12.

* 25-meter fly: Nina Cowherd, first, 27.41.

* 25-meter breaststroke: Nina Cowherd, second, 34.73.

The WaterThrashers travel to Carthage for a dual meet on Thursday then head to the Nevada Neptunes Invitational on Saturday and Sunday.

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