American Red Cross announces online emergency preparation tool

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The American Red Cross has announced the "Ready Rating" program on their website. The program helps the public rate preparedness for many emergencies and disasters.

"Ready Rating" provides specific steps for schools, businesses and other organizations to become more prepared for unseen disasters. Over 1,300 organizations and businesses are already participating in the "Ready Rating" program, and almost 450 schools have become "Ready Rating" members.

This American Red Cross program includes an "Emergency Response Plan Tool," which provides business owners with a customizable plan to inform employees about their roles in the first days of an emergency.

The "Ready Rating" program also includes "Next Steps" guidelines, which outline the specific actions that should be taken in the event of a disaster, and the effort needed to take those next steps.

A "Ready Rating" free membership includes access to the Ready Rating Store where emergency supplies can be purchased at the click of a button. In addition, signing up and having access to all the tools included in the "Ready Rating" program is easier with the new enhanced user experience.

A resource center is also available, and provides activities and exercises that can better prepare businesses, employees and students for emergencies and disasters.

In order to prepare for disasters like floods, earthquakes and tornadoes and emergencies like water main breaks, power outages, and medical emergencies, the "Ready Rating" program provides a confidential evaluation of their current emergency preparedness level. It also provides customized feedback and tips to prepare for these disasters and to improve the "Ready Rating" score. After taking the assessment, many have improved their score, some by 42 percent.

The "Ready Rating" program is consistent with Private Sector-prep standards developed by the Department of Homeland Security. Anheuser-Busch Companies is the national founding sponsor. Sam's Club is also a national sponsor.

For more information about this program, or to participate in it, visit More information on American Red Cross programs can be found online at or at

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