Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poison pill law is destroying USPS

Dear Editor:

We have been told that the United States Postal System is not solvent, necessitating huge layoffs, reduction of services and closing of sorting centers. What we are not told is that in 2006, the Republican Bush Administration passed a "poison pill" law to destroy the U.S. Postal System and the Postal Workers Union so that the argument for privatization (corporatism) could be made successfully.

The law, passed at the last minute before the Christmas recess, requires the USPS to pay ahead 75 years of employee pensions within 10 years at a cost of $5 billion per year. This requires the USPS to fund retirement pensions for employees not yet born.

This law was designed to break the back of the USPS and its 600,000 union members. No corporation has ever been required to do that. The vote was unrecorded and passed only with "ays" and "nays." There is no record of who voted to pass it. George Bush did not veto it.

There would be a USPS surplus of almost $2 billion today if the Republican poison pill bill was not passed. The Republicans continue to want a feudal system for the United States much like the system in China: lowest possible wages, longest possible working hours, restricted potty breaks and no healthcare or retirement benefits for the working class.

Republican President Ronald Reagan started union destruction by destroying the farm workers union because they simply wanted porta potties, drinkable water on site and a minimum wage.


Barry Hughes

Jenkins, Missouri