Myth Busters class offered

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cassville Middle School industrial technology instructor Eric Robb will offer a Myth Busters class during Cassville's summer school program, which is scheduled to be held from May 24 through June 19.

The class will be based on the Discovery Channel's "MythBusters" and offer several projects related to activities that have been completed on the TV show. For example, students will create one large and several small air cannons.

During the class, students will also make cardboard and duct tape boats and pontoons, which must transport them across the high school pond. Class participants will also help construct leaf blower hover crafts that will move across the ground suspended by a lift of air.

For the class's final project, Robb has planned Rube Goldberg.

"This is when a student uses a lot of gadgetry to perform a simple task using many steps and lots of ingenuity to do a task like flipping on a light switch, cracking an egg or sharpening a pencil," said Robb. "It is much like the childhood game we have all played called Mouse Trap."

Robb has created an ambitious schedule of projects for students to complete over a three and a half week summer school program.

"These projects require any materials, which are common things you might find around the house, but if we went out to purchase them, could be very costly and add up very fast," said Robb.

All Points Recycling, which is located at Hilltop south of Cassville, has volunteered to donate the cardboard for the watercraft project. Other businesses and community members are invited to donate items for Myth Buster projects.

The following supplies are needed: a large new galvanized trash can; new shower curtains, which will be used for air cannons and hover crafts; one and one-half- to two-inch pvc pipe and elbows; 30 five-gallon plastic buckets; partial or full rolls of duct tape; two-liter bottles with caps; K'nex building game system pieces; Hot Wheel track; erector sets; small nuts, bolts and other gadgetry; one-half-inch AC plywood; and four plastic molded lawn chairs.

Donations can be dropped off at the Cassville Middle School shop.

For more information or to schedule a pick up for materials, call 816-462-9388.

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