Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writer is concerned about sewer rates

Dear Editor:

I have only been a resident of Cassville for two years, but I have lived in Barry County for 30 plus years. I am very concerned about the new water and sewer rates.

I understand the need for the increase in the rates. However, having the sewer rate based on every gallon of water that comes through your meter is unrealistic in the summer.

In the city where I lived previously the sewer rate was based on the average of your water bill for several months during the cooler part of the year. This allowed you to be able to water your landscaping or garden, wash your car or even wash your siding without paying sewer treatment for water that was not going into the sewer line.

This past month my bill with 2,800 gallons usage was $59.90. My concern is that if the sewer rate is not adjusted for the hot months, people will be forced to stop watering their flowers, shrubs and gardens. Surely there is a way the city can adjust the sewer charge.

Cassville will lose much of its charm if people stop taking care of their lawns and gardens because the rates are so high.


Donna Creel

Cassville, Missouri