Health department approves special requests

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees approved a special use permit and a variance request at its regularly scheduled meeting on April 19.

"The special use permit is for a holding tank," said Roger Brock, health department administrator. "They want to put in a 2,000-gallon holding tank where their other tank was."

The holding tank, which will be installed at a weekend home in Shell Knob, will be made of Polyethylene instead of concrete.

"There is no way to set a concrete tank there," said Brock. "They will be able to carry this tank in by hand. The area will be backfilled. It must be secured.

"There is not much else they can do there honestly," added Brock.

The property owner plans to contract with Wolf Pack for pump services. The business has surveyed the property to ensure they have adequate hose for the job.

"They have done as much due diligence as they can," said Brock.

The board approved the special use permit.

Brock also presented information on a variance request for a drip advanced wastewater treatment system that will be installed at a property in Shell Knob.

"The lot does not have enough ground to put in a traditional system," said Brock. "The request includes two variances for the set back to the property line and a well that serves their house and five of their neighbors."

Brock said the property owner originally requested a permit for a low pressure pipe system. That request was not approved.

"I told them they would need some type of pre-treatment so they came back with a proposal for the drip system," said Brock. "This is the best solution we have for an onsite wastewater system right now. This system would be the most successful with the least amount of risk."

The community well is located 45 feet from the closest drip line and 80 to 90 feet from the holding tanks.

Prior to approving the variance request, the board members discussed a requirement for well testing.

"The problem is that we might not know which well is contaminated," said Brock. "They are making a conscious effort to use a better system to take care of their wastewater. This is the best system possible."

The board members approved the variance request without a water testing requirement.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board:

* Re-appointed John Starchman as board chairman, Dennis Baker as vice chairman, Jan Smith as secretary and Linda McBride as treasurer.

* Approved the board bylaws.

* Reviewed the service fees report, which showed that the health department collected $4,698.15 in March. This is a 35.73 percent increase over the amount of service fees collected in March of 2011.

* Approved the public health programs report and the environmental report.

* Reviewed the service count report, which showed that 1,053 services were offered at the Cassville office and 752 services were offered at the Monett office in March. A total of 486 services in the Cassville office and 475 services in the Monett office were provided through WIC (Women, Infant Child).

* Approved the administrator's report.

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