FASCO holds environmental awareness day

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Learning about recycling Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed During FASCO's first annual environmental awareness day, plant employees had the opportunity to pick up a list of materials accepted at the All Points Recycling facility on Highway 112 south of Cassville and ask questions about recycling. The special event, which was held in honor of Earth Day, was celebrated at the Cassville plant on April 18. In the photo above, Brenda Fletcher and Stacy Runnels, of All Points Recycling, offer tips and advice to several FASCO employees.

On April 18, in celebration of Earth Day, the Cassville FASCO plant hosted an environmental awareness day that gave employees an opportunity to learn about recycling and energy efficiency.

"I knew Earth Day was coming up, and I didn't think we had ever done anything like this," said Tracy Roney, who organized Earth Calling 911: Let's Get a Vision Energy Awareness Day.

"I thought it would be cool to get information out to the employees about recycling," said Roney, who serves as FASCO's human resources coordinator. "I knew how little I knew about recycling when I started looking into it. I also learned just how easy recycling can be."

Energy efficiency On April 18, Kerry Mattingly, of Barry Electric Cooperative member services, spoke to FASCO employees about energy generation, conservation and efficiency during the local plant's first annual environmental awareness day. Plant employees also had the opportunity to pick up information about recycling and composting and a free tree provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The event was held in honor of Earth Day. Democrat Photo/Reed

Roney shared her idea with Carol Craig, FASCO human resources specialist, and Vicky Senters, environmental health and safety coordinator. Craig suggested Roney invite some local businesses to come in and speak with the employees. Senters put together a variety of information about local recycling services and composting.

"A lot of the employees have thanked us for doing this," said Senters. "They were very interested in learning about the options available to them."

The Missouri Department of Conservation attended the event and distributed trees to the employees. All Points Recycling was on hand to answer questions about recycling, and Barry Electric Cooperative offered information on how electric is generated and tips for energy efficiency and conservation.

"People are really interested," said Stacy Runnels, of All Points Recycling. "I think this is a really great thing they are doing for their employees."

Runnels provided employees with a list of items accepted at the All Points Recycling Facility, which is located on Highway 112 south of Cassville. The facility accepts newspapers, magazines, white office paper, mixed paper and junk mail, #1 through #7 plastic, packing Styrofoam, plastic film and steel and aluminum cans.

All Points Recycling is also planning an electronics recycling event sometime in the next two months, said Runnels.

"It has turned out really well," said Roney. "We hope to make it even bigger and better next year."

FASCO recycles Styrofoam, batteries, cardboard, paper products, paint, brown paper towels and a variety of other items through its recycling program. The plant also recycles plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

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