Shiveley to be recommended for city mayor

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
New alderman Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed Cassville City Clerk Noelle Harmon administered the oath of office to newly re-elected North Ward Alderman Darrell Ledenham and South Ward Alderman Terry Heinz at the Cassville City Council meeting on Monday night. Pictured above, from left, are: Heinz and Ledenham.

Alderman Terry Heinz, mayor pro tem, will recommend the appointment of Bill Shiveley to the open Cassville mayor's position next month. Heinz made the announcement at Monday's Cassville City Council meeting.

"I am proud to announce that at the next regular meeting I will present Bill Shiveley to the board for the appointment of mayor of Cassville," said Heinz. "Bill has accepted, and it will be up to the alderman to decide whether or not to appoint him."

Heinz also announced that he has contacted two individuals regarding the open south ward alderman seat.

"I am waiting for a reply," said Heinz. "I hope the (recommendation for) alderman will be announced soon."

In addition to the open seats on the council, the City of Cassville has openings on the airport board, board of adjustments, park board and planning and zoning commission.

"Anyone who would like to serve, we would be glad to hear from you," said Heinz.

The aldermen re-appointed Dan Angel to a three-year term on the planning and zoning commission. His term will expire on April 16, 2015. Brenda Beck was re-appointed to a short term on the commission. Her term will expire June 16, 2012.

Noelle Harmon, city clerk, reported that the appointments will allow the commission to conduct meetings with a five-member quorum. City code requires eight members on the planning and zoning commission.

"It would be desirable to have a council member on each of the commissions and boards," said Harmon. "If you each would like to serve on one we can make that happen right away."

Harmon said that she believes Alderman Darrell Ledenham's term on the park board expired. Currently, he is not listed as a member of any of the boards or commissions.

Alderman Ann Hennigan volunteered to serve on the parks board. Ledenham asked for time to decide which board to serve on.

During her departmental report, Harmon reintroduced several ideas she received at a city clerk's conference that could help the city operate more efficiently. Those ideas included holding only one monthly council meeting and reviewing written departmental reports.

"In lieu of the oral departmental and quarterly reports, I would recommend the staff submit monthly reports in writing," said Harmon. "These would be received prior to the meeting in your council packet."

Harmon said the elimination of the oral reports and the change to one council meeting per month will save the city 300 staff hours per year.

"I would also recommend that staff members be at meetings on an as need basis," said Harmon. "This would save staff dollars and time and free employees up for more of their day to day tasks."

Council members receive payment for attending council meetings. By holding only one meeting per month, the city will save $5,400. Staff members also spend approximately $6,000 per year preparing and giving oral departmental reports twice a month. In total, the changes will save the city nearly $12,000 per year, said Harmon.

"I want to be very transparent," said Heinz. "I'm assuming the council will vote in Bill Shiveley as mayor. The Barry Electric Cooperative Board meets on the third Monday of the month. Our meetings are held on the first and third Mondays so there is a conflict."

Heinz recommended the council either change to one meeting per month or change the meetings to the second and fourth Mondays of the month.

"I spoke with the staff and the aldermen regarding this and no one said that they wouldn't consider one meeting per month," said Heinz. "If we had something come up, we could call a special meeting. This would be a cost savings for the city."

Hennigan made a motion to begin meeting on the second Monday of each month. Heinz seconded the motion.

"We can do this on a trial basis and if it is not working we can go back to two meetings per month," said Heinz.

"I would recommend you finish this year with one meeting a month," said Harmon. "It really does promote efficiency. I think it will be an interesting pilot for us to see how it works."

The aldermen approved the change. The next monthly meeting will be held on May 14.

Harmon recommended the council also approve the change to written departmental reports. She suggested the written reports be included in the consent agenda.

Hennigan made a motion that all department heads submit monthly written reports. Department heads will be required to be present at meetings until after the consent agenda has been approved. The council unanimously approved the motion.

In other business, the Cassville City Council:

* Heard that sales tax was down 6.8 percent in April. The year-to-date sales tax revenue is up 4.6 percent, which is an increase of $20,255 over budgeted revenue.

* Directed Steve Walensky, public works director, to review requests for bulk water and accommodate citizens when able. Residents will be charged using the standard water rates and required to pay an additional fee to cover labor costs.

* Heard that the city has $314,559 in certificates of participation available for meters or other projects. The funds must be used by August of 2013.

* Approved a resolution for the narrow banding of storm siren equipment.

* Heard that the city's website is now online. The address is Residents are encouraged to report ommissions and errors on the site to Lynette Dilbeck, economic development director.

* Directed Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, to gather additional information regarding budget expenses that have exceeded 25 percent within the first quarter of the year.

* Heard that a court of appeals affirmed the decision of Carr Woods regarding a lawsuit between the City of Cassville and the Cassville Board of Adjustments. The court ruling shows that the board of adjustments cannot disregard city code when making decisions on variance requests, said Heinz.

*Approved a $1,940.85 purchase order from Haynes Equipment Co., Inc. for a sludge pump repair and a $990.50 purchase order from Blue Valley Public Safety, Inc. for repairs to the storm siren on Sale Barn Road.

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