Weekly calls posted on sheriff's office website

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Barry County Sheriff's Office has added a new feature to its official website at www.barrycountysheriff.com.

The weekly call volume and the number of reports filed for the county is now located under the "press releases" tab on the website.

"As we shift more toward summer, activity is picking up," said Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly. "We had a total of 172 calls for the week of April 3 through April 8, and 276 calls the week before."

Epperly said the information posted on the website will allow county residents to view the activity that is taking place in their communities.

"Most people think this is just a quiet little county," Epperly said. "They might be surprised to see the number of reports we take in the course of a week."

Epperly said the office usually has five or six available officers to respond to calls for service during the daytime hours, but that number drops to only two or three officers on duty at night.

"There are a limited number of feet on the ground to answer those calls," Epperly said. "Sometimes, we have to pull an officer from another duty to respond to a situation."

For the week of April 3-8, officers filed the following reports:

Cassville: burglary, second degree property damage, first degree trespass, second degree burglary, stealing, third degree domestic assault and a child offense.

Seligman: two counts of third degree domestic assault, transport a detainee, unattended death and motor vehicle theft.

Verona: Driving while intoxicated-persistent offender, failed to maintain financial responsibility and driving while revoked.

Purdy: violation of an order of ex parte, drugs, first degree property damage, theft of a motor vehicle and tampering with a motor vehicle.

Shell Knob: domestic harassment, possession of amphetamine, stealing, possession of marijuana, unlawful use of drugs and third degree assault.

Butterfield: violation of an order of ex parte.

Wheaton: fraudulent use of a credit/debit device.

Jenkins: unattended death.

Eagle Rock: stealing.

Monett: first degree trespass.

Exeter: first degree assault on a law officer, second degree assault on a law officer, resisting arrest, third degree domestic violence assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Reports for the week of April 9 through April 15 follow:

Cassville: other agency assist, hindering prosecution, escape from custody, second degree burglary, death investigation and suicidal subject.

Monett: stealing, forgery/stealing and third degree domestic assault.

Purdy: two reports of second degree burglary and an informational report.

Aurora: two reports of third degree domestic assault, third degree elder abuse, unattended death, drug possession, third degree assault and first degree trespass.

Seligman: other agency assist, third degree assault and fire investigation.

Shell Knob: resisting arrest, second degree domestic assault, attempt to locate a runaway juvenile and third degree domestic assault.

Verona: stealing firearms.

Washburn: stealing fuel and second degree property damage.

Eagle Rock: third degree domestic assault.

Exeter: third degree assault, second degree assault and resisting arrest.

More information may be obtained by visiting www.barrycountysheriff.com.

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