Troop #76 to celebrate anniversary

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Members of Boy Scout Troop #76 are celebrating the 76th anniversary of the local troop this year. The Cassville troop was started in February of 1936.

"Boy Scouts offers personal development," said Tim Smith, Troop #76 Scout Master. "It is a boy led organization with adult oversight. Scouts learn a lot of leadership skills, personal growth and confidence.

"We don't expect them to be perfect, but we do want them to do their best," said Smith. "God, community and country are very big for Boy Scouts."

Much like their counterparts from the past, members of today's Boy Scout Troop #76 take part in weekend campouts, week-long summer camps, hikes and other outdoor activities. Scouts also participate in a variety of community service projects throughout the year.

"We do trash pick ups on Highway 112," said Smith. "We assist the Cassville Rotary Club during the rodeo and demolition derby.

"The Scouts help the election workers take the equipment into the courthouse on election nights," said Smith. "We do as much community service as we can."

By taking part in group activities and completing individual projects, Scouts advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot second class, Tenderfoot first class, Scout second class, Scout first class, Star, Life to Eagle. Scouts must earn their Eagle Scout status before their 18th birthday.

"As a Tenderfoot, a Scout is required to learn basic first aid, basic survival skills, basic swimming and basic ropes, knots and lashings," said Smith. "Then, they apply those skills to advanced projects in order to earn merit badges."

Scouts who are interested in advancing in the organization are also required to be active in the troop, which meets at the Scout Hut on Mill Street in Cassville at 7 p.m. each Monday.

"If a young man is interested in joining Boy Scouts they are encouraged to come to one of our meetings," said Smith. "They can also call me or Merl Rogers."

Boy Scout dues are $12 for one year. Scouts can also choose to subscribe to Boys Life magazine for an additional $15 per year.

"You can learn a lot for 27 bucks," said Smith. "We have financial assistance for camping trips and other events. Boy Scouts is a great organization to participate in."

For more information, call Smith at 847-3742.

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