Wheaton sets dates for spring events

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wheaton City Council established dates for the spring garage sale and cleanup events at its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 7.

The city-wide garage sale will be held on May 5, and the city-wide cleanup will be scheduled for May 12. Marianne Witt, city clerk, will contact Jeff Perriman regarding collecting scrap metal.

In other business, the aldermen approved an ordinance that regulates the sale of fireworks within the Wheaton city limits. This summer, the city will begin allowing fireworks sales around the Fourth of July holiday.

During its January meeting, the council approved the 2012 budget with two changes.

The amount budgeted for the streets department's operating supplies was changed to $27,000 to cover paving projects.

The administration miscellaneous expense was also increased to $5,000. The extra funds will be used to refurbish the community building located at the lumber yard property that was purchased by the city in November of 2011.

After discussing the purchase of a lift station pump from Johnny McClellan, the aldermen also voted to increase the sewer budget by $1,000 to cover the cost of the pump.

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