Alderman Parsons resigns from Cassville Council

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Following an executive session on Monday night, the Cassville City Council accepted the resignation of South Ward Alderman Jeff Parsons.

"It has been almost a year since I was elected to the Cassville City Council," Parsons said in his letter of resignation. "During the past year, it has been a privilege to serve the citizens of Cassville. Like all towns and cities, we have faced our share of challenges.

"On that note, I am proud the council and community came together on a solution for the city's water and sewer finances this past November," Parsons continued in the letter. "At times there were disagreements, but I believe the right decision was made on the city's water and sewer finances."

In the letter, Parsons states that he believes the water and sewer issue was the result of the city's current financial situation.

"This was communicated to the citizens that we needed more money to get the water and sewer fund in balance," said Parsons. "With that said, I felt the City of Cassville needed to show that it could live within its means.

"However, a recent decision by the mayor and city administrator to hire an additional position relating to flagpole annexation, airport expansion and assistance to the economic development director in maintenance of the city's website without consultation or approval of the entire city council, shows there is a clear philosophical divide over the proper direction of the city's finances," Parsons continued. "I cannot support the mayor and city administrator's decision to add staff, when we have told the citizens of Cassville that we are in a dire financial position and no excess funds are available."

Parsons closed the letter by stating that his resignation was effective immediately.

According to Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, the council was very reluctant to accept Parsons' resignation. Parsons himself was forced to second the motion to accept the resignation.

Prior to Parsons' resignation, during the executive session, the council voted to promote Noelle Harmon, deputy city clerk, to the position of city clerk. Cooper will assist Harmon as she makes the transition to the new position. Harmon was hired in June of 2011.

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