Student numbers unchanged at Cassville Campus

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Although Crowder College's overall enrollment has continued its upward trend, the Cassville Campus' numbers remained flat when compared to the 2011 spring semester.

"This is the very first time that we have ever been flat," said Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Campus director, "but we have added classes in Monett and Mt. Vernon this year."

A total of 174 students enrolled in Crowder College classes at Monett, Greenfield, Lamar and Mt. Vernon this year.

"The classes in Monett could have impacted our numbers some, but as a two-year college, Crowder gets new students every semester," said Seymour. "It is true that some of those new students who would have traveled to Cassville from Monett will not have to now, but the biggest change we have seen this year is in first-time students."

Students who are enrolling in college classes for the first time are documented during the Cassville Campus' orientation events. In the past, the local campus has counted around 80 first-time students at spring events and 140 first-time students at fall events.

"We only have around 50 first-time students this semester," said Seymour. "We believe this is due to the fact that not as many high school students are graduating at mid-year."

Although fewer students are beginning college during the spring semester, more students are completing college classes while still in high school, said Seymour.

"We are continually increasing our general education classes due to the demand," said Seymour.

Current spring enrollment numbers show that 442 students are attending classes at the local college. Official enrollment numbers are impacted when students attend classes at different locations or online. The Cassville Campus' current student head count is actually 491 students.

The total number of credit hours offered at the local campus decreased only slightly, from 4,694 credit hours offered in the spring of 2011 to 4,297 credit hours offered this year.

"We have added a lot of second eight-week classes that students have not enrolled in yet," said Seymour. "I can see our numbers going up based on those classes. "

Some of the eight-week classes that will be offered this semester include a certified nurse's assistant (CNA) course, world religion, college algebra, physical education and literature. The Cassville Campus offers zumba, bowling and lifetime wellness physical education classes.

"All of our programs continue to be strong," said Seymour. "We keep expanding our medical programs and adding more general education sessions. More students are now needing upper level math classes, like college algebra."

This semester, the Cassville Campus added a pharmacy technician class and a certified medical technician class. The local campus also offers a CNA specialist program, an emergency medical technician program and a nursing program, which is scheduled to be reviewed by the state nursing board this semester.

Students can also complete two-year degrees in addictions counseling, accounting, business administration, general studies, teaching or psychology at the local campus.

Crowder College reported a 3.8 percent increase in total student numbers this year. A total of 4,724 students are attending Crowder classes offered online, through one of the satellite programs or at campuses in Neosho, Cassville, Nevada and Webb City.

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