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Letters to the editor

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bond issue could help Southwest kids

Dear Editor:

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the upcoming Tuesday, April 3 bond election for the Southwest School District. In these difficult times school budgets across the country are often being reduced and sometimes even slashed. This leaves districts in some locations with the unhappy choice of downgrading programs (that were often already cut to the bone) or trying to approve tax hikes to maintain those programs they do have left.

Missouri school districts have suffered some setbacks, but those setbacks at Southwest have not been so severe as to actually be harmful to our children. Even so, in this day and time districts are being forced to act to pull themselves up and out of the hole we all share. There'll be no generous grants or other remunerations from the government for many years to come (if ever again).

This is where the bond election for Southwest comes in. We've been operating under funding reductions for the last several years and, in my opinion, doing a pretty good job with the resources we have available. But, like an older car, you can't just keep driving it without maintenance or replacing worn parts now and again.

Our superintendent, Bob Walker, and the school board have worked diligently to present the community with a way to catch up on maintenance and make much needed improvements on the school while vehemently avoiding asking for a tax increase. If the bond issue passes those folks with 'venture capital' will have the option of a very stable investment that should provide a better return than certificates of deposit. At the same time, the school will then be able to do the maintenance and upgrades that the facilities need.

In summary, this would do a lot to help our kids, it would provide a secure investment for those folk that do have a little money, and it would do nothing to harm the wallets of those of us that don't.

Please consider voting for the school bond on Tuesday, April 3.


Wes Burleson

Southwest Schools

Washburn, Missouri

Reader accepts Limbaugh's apology

Dear Editor:

I thought long and hard about writing to you regarding the letter from Joyce Cusick regarding Rush Limbaugh.

I have enjoyed receiving the Cassville Democrat for over 15 years now and never thought that this publication was anything but top-notch in its reporting and outreach to the community.

However; today, after reading Ms. Cusick's letter, I am so disappointed that you allowed this letter full of vitriol to be displayed.

It is one thing to speak out against someone with whom she disagrees. I heartily defend anyone's right to do so. But I must draw the line when a person, after claiming she is "appalled and disgusted" at Rush Limbaugh's comments, turns around and does the very same thing in attacking him personally and then stating he is not allowed his right to free speech by telling him to "shut up." She then turns it into a free-for-all by including a number of distinguished representatives and senators who happen to be Republican, many from our own area where we live. Pardon me, Ms. Cusick, but your obvious bias is showing.

I would have been more charitable to you, I suppose, had you at least been a bit more even-handed in your disdain by including the many in the main stream media who continuously spew venomous insults, especially at Republican women, with never a hint of apology from any of them.

Who among us has not 'stepped over the line" in our lives and asked for forgiveness? I know I have . . . and I have asked for forgiveness. I hoped my apologies were accepted.

Rush knew he stepped over the line and apologized. I accept that apology.


Donna Gracy

Cassville, Missouri