Health Board discussed lost checks policy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees discussed a new employee lost checks policy at its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 16.

Health department employees who have misplaced their expense checks have inquired about receiving a replacement check.

"Recently, we had an employee who thought they lost their expense check," said Nancy Boyd, executive assistant. "They thought that they had signed it. Then they thought they might have shredded it. They didn't know what happened to it and wanted it replaced."

Boyd researched the stop check procedure at Freedom Bank and learned that if the check is sent through the bank the department will be charged a $15 stop check fee, but if the check never appears, the department will not incur an expense.

The health board decided to collect the $15 stop check fee from the employee when they request a replacement check. The new check will be issued during the next billing period.

The board plans to review the new policy at its next meeting in March. John Starchman, board president, directed Roger Brock, health department administrator, to discuss the new policy with all employees.

Boyd and Brock were also directed to gather information regarding placing an expiration date on expense checks.

Brock reported that the floor at the Monett office is settling again. Some tiles that were recently replaced are separating again, and cracks in the door frames are beginning to be noticeable. Separating along the ceiling has also started.

"We have jacked it up twice since I've been here," said Brock. "I think it is out of everybody's hands."

Boyd said that the floor at the Monett office has been raised up five or six times since the property was purchased.

"I think we are throwing good money after bad," said Rocky Mills, board member.

"As long as there are no hazards, I think we shouldn't be concerned about the aesthetics at this point," said Brock.

All board members agreed that the issue should be monitored by Brock. If the settling creates trip hazards in the office, the issue will be revisited.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees:

* Discussed a mortgage lender's requirement for a septic permit for a system that was installed before the department began requiring permits. Brock suggested home buyers faced with this issue call the health department and request a letter stating that no permit is available for the property.

* Voted to move a portion of the department's general operating funds into a money market account.

* Received an update on the computer system security program license.

* Voted to leave the mileage rate at 50 cents per mile.

* Reviewed the service fees, which were down around 10 percent when compared to the fees collected in January of 2011.

* Heard that more Hispanic community members are receiving services at the Cassville office. Bilingual staff members are available at both of the health department's offices.

* Reviewed the environmental report, which showed that seven wastewater systems were permitted and 13 routine food service inspections were conducted in January.

* Heard that five health department employees have volunteered to receive ham radio operator training in order to operate the new ham radio system the health department has received through an emergency preparedness grant.

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