Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Americans are being robbed

Dear Editor:

I just received an annual notice from Shell Knob Cable Company stating that the current rates will be raised by $13.89 a month for their basic service. That is nearly a 30 percent increase, in one fell swoop. How many businesses would survive if they all raised their prices by 30 percent?

This affects many of our limited income citizens, who have not received an increase in their Social Security or pensions. How many low-income families will be affected?

As we all know, the greed does not stop there. Gasoline has more then doubled in the last four years, not only causing grocery prices to rise, but other basic necessities, as well.

But wait, it does not stop there. Allied Waste has tacked a gasoline surcharge to their bill that remains high even in the rare event when fuel prices drop a few cents. Allied Waste has also added on administrative fees. God knows what that is for.

What happened to the simple times when a family could receive free TV? Now, one is either forced to purchase a service that allows families to watch TV with commercial laden programs, something we used to get for free, or one can continue to pay nothing and get stations the "cube out" better known as a digital signal, or simply "have no signal at all" even after one buys the special little black box and antenna. I personally recall when the government told us that free digital TV would be better . . . I am still waiting.

Our so called government is raping its citizens with their overspending, humongous deficits, higher taxes and fewer freedoms. The government promises the world and delivers nothing.

Stop the insanity! Stop the tyranny. Don't just say "oh well," and let their greed take over your wallet. You are being robbed blind. Wake up Shell Knob. Wake up America.

Oh by the way, I will be dropping Shell Knob Cable, and Allied Waste might be replaced with a 55-gallon drum and a match.


Penny and Jay Short

Shell Knob, Missouri

Appalled by Rush Limbaugh, again

Dear Editor:

I am appalled and disgusted by the name calling and comments made by Rush Limbaugh directed against Sandra Fluke and sent over the airwaves to the entire country. Although I guess I shouldn't be, since he has a history of this behavior.

There have been on-going discussions, at many levels, for quite a long time as we adults are concerned about the issue of bullying, name calling, hateful attitudes, disrespect, etc., in our schools. People, what do you except from our young people when this is the example that is being set by the adults: parents, politicians and prominent people alike, in many arenas of our daily lives?

I for one will boycott the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and I hope many will join with me. I will also exercise my right to free speech and suggest that he needs to get back on his illegal prescription drugs, take wife number four and fade away to one of his mansions and shut up. What a hypocrite!

He can take with him Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Roy Blunt, Billy Long, Joe Wilson, Rick Santorum and others who do not know the meaning of civility and courtesy in their daily dealings with the American people.


Joyce Cusick

Cassville, Missouri