Dummit seeks BC commissioner seat

Friday, March 2, 2012

Eddie Dummit has announced he is a candidate for northern commissioner of Barry County.

Dummit ran for the Republican nomination in 2004 and 2008, narrowly losing both times to Frank Washburn, who subsequently served two terms. Washburn has announced he is running for state representative.

Dummit raises cattle and horses on 500 acres in rural Verona in the McDowell area. He is retired from Delco Remy and the real estate business. He is a member of the Arnhart Baptist Church near Purdy. His father, Abe Dummit, is a past Barry County sheriff.

"I've always been interested in the position," Dummit said. "I could do a good job. I want to be involved. I believe my background in business could be a real asset."

Dummit said his primary concern would be keeping an eye on the budget, particularly in light of funding shortages on the state and federal levels.

"I don't want to get the county in the shape the federal government is in," Dummit said. "I think the county has been doing a lot of good things."

At the present time, Dummit said he is talking and listening around the area to learn people's concerns. He said he would like to find a resolution to the county's 911 dispute with Monett.

"I want to represent everyone the best I can and still let conscience be my guide," Dummit said. "I pride myself on my honesty."

In the 2004 primary, Dummit won five of 12 precincts in a 10-man race and lost the nomination to Washburn by 74 votes. In 2008, Dummit carried six precincts and lost by 86 votes.

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