Wheaton High School hosts special guest

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
WHS students learn life lesson Democrat photo/Melonie Roberts Students at Wheaton High School attended an assembly on Monday that featured a life lesson in self worth. Ryan Best, National FFA president, was the special guest. His demonstrations on life using duct tape taught students not to put themselves in "sticky situations" that would diminish their value. Students were encouraged to write the negative aspects of who or what influenced their sense of self worth and toss the crumpled papers onto the floor. The papers were eventually "boxed up" in designated areas of the gymnasium floor through a series of teamwork exercises.

Wheaton High School students were treated to a special presentation on Monday from National FFA President Ryan Best. His topic was self worth.

Best approached the student assembly with a demonstration that involved one of the three staples every home repair kit has in stock: duct tape.

Best had two teams of students tear off strips of duct tape and then try to stick the pieces to as many opposing team members as possible in a limited amount of time. At the end, the demonstration clearly exhibited the once-pristine strips were crumpled and covered with lint from being used over and over.

"This shows that you shouldn't stick yourself to others and you shouldn't let them stick themselves to you," Best said. "Life is like duct tape. If we allow others to stick to us, we lose that stickiness, our value and worth. Some of the places we stick ourselves are not worth the loss of our own value."

Some of the bad places students discovered they "stick themselves" is in the opinions of their boyfriends or girlfriends, clothing, electronic phones and gadgets, cars and Facebook.

Best had each student visualize their favorite outfit and then total the cost of the ensemble.

"That number on the bottom of the paper," Best said, "would you be satisfied to settle for that number?

"Each of you is worth more than the clothes and that number on the paper," he continued. "A thousand times -- a million times more than that number."

Best urged students to get rid of the perceptions to which they hold so tightly.

"What's left?" he asked. "Personality, morals, values, character, standards and passion.

"Only you can determine your worth. The only person that can limit you is you. You can accomplish anything as long as you don't limit yourself.

"You are worth so much more than all that stuff," Best continued. "It's time you start living that way. I challenge each of you to find a person to share your passions and interests. It will help you build confidence.

"With a friend, all things are possible," he added.

Best, a member of the Elida FFA Chapter in Portales, N.M., is attending the New Mexico State University and hopes to become an ag instructor. He will continue his tour of local schools throughout the remainder of the week. His visit to the area coincides with National FFA Week.

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