CHS winter conditioning program is showing growth

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Off-season workout Cassville High School athletes in eighth through 12th grades have the opportunity to work out in the offseason through a conditioning program offered by high school coaches.

Cassville High School's winter conditioning program has seen 60 to 70 kids daily as student athletes get prepared for spring sports.

The program runs Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school throughout the months of January and February. The program is open to any athletes that are not playing basketball, and high school coaches Jay Rogers and David Large are in charge of the off-season program.

The program is 10 years old and has seen the most success this year. For the first time, the program was opened up to eighth graders who were not playing basketball. This saw overall attendance spike above the 50-athlete range seen during the last few years.

Athletes will spend an hour in the field house working on agilities and strength training. Jump rope and agility ladders are the main part of the program as the athletes spend time on developing quicker feet and more athleticism. They wrap up the sessions with an abdominal circuit to help build core strength.

The biggest benefit of the program is the juniors who will be seniors next season help run the program. They lead the athletes in the stretching program then divide them up in the groups. The juniors also lead the athletes in each phase of the program. This helps them to understand the leadership responsibilities that they will be taking on in their senior year of athletics.

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