Letter to the Editor


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks for the hospitality

Dear Editor:

On Feb. 11, Habitat for Humanity of South Barry County hosted the Harlem Ambassadors professional show basketball team for a night of high-flying slam dunks, hilarious comedy and feel-good family entertainment.

The Harlem Ambassadors would like to extend a special thank you to event organizers Nora Young and Louis Metz who planned and promoted the game. The Habitat Hometown Heroes proved to be an energetic and enthusiastic challenging team, and we thank all of the players for their good sportsmanship. The event would not have been possible without the support and generosity of local community sponsors, the Habitat for Humanity of South Barry County members and the event volunteers.

The Harlem Ambassadors thank the community of Cassville for its warm hospitality and look forward to returning to Cassville in the future!

Best regards,

Dale Moss

Harlem Ambassadors


Fort Collins, Colorado

Propaganda used to win votes

Dear Editor:

It's unfortunate that in a first world nation like the United States, we find our local officials charged with the public safety of Barry County, resorting to intimidatory propaganda in order to get the taxpayers to bail them out of a situation precipitated by their managerial negligence.

E-911's governmentally-funded adherents waged a fact-free campaign based on fear. If they weren't bailed out, people would die. Propaganda of extortion worthy of a third world dictatorship. They acted with no thought for long-term or strategic thinking beneficial to the residents of Barry County. The result? Twenty four percent of eligible voters voted and made the rules for 100 percent and those denied the ability to vote will not be forced to bear the burdens of their errors.

Impartiality of the press was also notably lacking as our newspapers in Barry County have, in their coverage, given a one-sided account of the situation and gone so far as to redact, reduce and redefine the content of letters to the editor which laid out the facts for all to see.

We have yet to know if the results of Tuesday's election will positively affect the safety and well-being of Barry County residents, but history tells us that no positive ends can be achieved from the use of disingenuous means.


Paul Bingham

Exeter, Missouri