Exeter R-6 SB receives update on attendance

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Exeter School Board received an update on the district's annual attendance at its regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 18.

Currently, the district is not meeting its attendance goal, which was set at 95.4 percent.

In December of 2011, the high school attendance rate stood at 93.9 percent and the middle and elementary school attendance rates were at 94.7 percent for the year.

"During the second half of the school year, we are going to recognize students through incentives for meeting attendance rates of 97 percent or better," said Superintendent Dr. Ernie Raney. "Students who may have missed out on perfect attendance recognition, due to missed days, will be motivated to strive for excellent attendance knowing that recognition incentives aren't out of reach."

Some of the incentives that will be offered include inflatable games for a day and a field trip to the YMCA.

In new business, the board approved the purchase of a new autoscrubber, which is used to scrub hallway and classroom floors.

The district received the a bid for the autoscrubberin the amounty of $4,570 from Vacuumcleaners.net, a bid of $5,346 from Springfield Janitor and a bid of $6,500 from Bill's Flooring. Although Vacuumcleaners.net submitted the lowest bid, the company did not meet all of the bid specifications. Bill's Flooring also did not meet all specifications.

The board approved the purchase of the autoscrubber through Springfield Janitor.

In other business, the R-6 Board:

* Heard administrative reports.

* Voted to appoint Tim Jordan, elementary school counselor, as ESL district coordinator and Tamra Kester, elementary school principal, as district foster care liaison.

* Received the financial report.

* Approved the 2010-11 basic financial report issued by Davis, Lynn and Moots.

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