Purdy community fund established

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Community support Members of the Purdy Youth Empowerment and Leadership Project (YELP) present a $1,000 matching grant to Purdy Renewal Project (PRP) board members. Pictured from left, are: YELP members Jesus Perez, Cynthia Salas, Christobal Ibarra; and PRP board members Rick Thompson, Kala Bailie, Daliah Bradley, Robin Henderson and Neal Wass.

"Renewing community by uncovering hidden resources" is the mission of the newly established Purdy Renewal Project Fund.

The new fund will help support community projects in Purdy in cooperation with the Monett Area Community Foundation, which is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

A 13-member advisory committee has been appointed to oversee the fund, which is being established through a $1,000 matching grant from the Purdy Youth Empowerment and Leadership Project (YELP). When the Purdy Renewal Project raises $1,000, the Purdy YELP will match it.

The Purdy YELP is a component of the Purdy High School Spanish Club and involves students who have volunteered a significant number of hours on behalf of the club's recycling program.

"The Spanish Club wants to see Purdy become more self-reliant, but they can't do it all on their own," said Kala Bailie, president of the Purdy Renewal Project Board. "We all thought it would be good to increase ownership of the process on the part of the community itself."

Other members of the Purdy Renewal Project Board include: Robin Henderson, vice president; Neal Wass, treasurer; Daliah Bradley, secretary; Carolyn Hutchens, fundraising head; Gerry Wass, ex-officio member; Rick Thompson, Patrick Foland and Phillip and Kathleen Van Voorst, board members. The board also includes three spots for PHS Spanish Club representatives. Those board seats are currently filled by Cristobal Ibarra, Cynthia Salas and Jesus Perez.

Funds raised for the Purdy Renewal Project will be allocated on a one-at-time basis, according to Bailie. Improving the city park and increasing public recreation space for all ages have been established as two top priorities for the charitable organization.

"The bottom line is we want to bring everyone together to help improve the lives of Purdy residents and the surrounding community," said Bailie. "We would like to bring back the community attitude of the past when we had a lot of community activities and a lot of events.

"Now we have a group of interested citizens who are willing to help accomplish those goals," Bailie added.

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