Boil water when preparing formula

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Barry County Health Department Administrator Roger Brock warns parents to boil all water before mixing baby formula.

"Make sure and boil water for two minutes, and then, let it cool before mixing it with the powder," said Brock. "Mixing powdered formula with cold water leaves the potential for something to happen."

Brock said parents should even boil bottled water purchased at retail stores to ensure contaminates are eliminated.

"The bacteria they are looking for is called sakazakill," said Brock. "It is very rare."

Brock said currently only two cases of the bacteria have been reported. None of the cases have been in Barry County.

"There has been no recall notice issued yet," said Brock. "We have received a health alert from the state, and we are currently fielding questions.

"No formula formerly offered by the WIC program has been included in the investigation," said Brock. "I know that at a store in Lebanon the formula has been from shelves, but we don't think there have been any of that formula seen in this area."

Preliminary tests have indicated that a newborn boy in Lebanon died from the rare bacterial infection Cronobacter sakazakill. The newborn was fed Enfamil Newborn formula before he died.

The lot number associated with the formula that is currently under investigation is ZP1K7G. Water used to mix the formula is also being tested for the bacteria.

"They are currently still testing the formula," said Brock. "They are not sure if the bacteria came from the formula or not. They are trying to pin that down and will release more information once testing is complete.

"It's kind of a rare situation," said Brock. "We are hoping these are isolated cases and no more pop up."

Brock said that the health department is warning parents to not leave bottles sitting out for long periods of time.

"Mixed formula should be refrigerated and used in the proper amount of time," said Brock. "Parents should follow all temperature control directions on formula packaging.

"It is also recommended that parents dispose of left over mixed formula and follow other general food safety rules," said Brock.

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