Motivational speaker

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Democrat Photo/Reed Dale "Mad Dog" Messmer visited Cassville High School on Monday. Messmer, who has appeared on many news and documentary broadcasts regarding his Straight Talk Outreach Program (STOP), offered a motivational address designed to inspire students to make positive choices. A Marine Corps veteran, certified stunt coordinator and member of the Screen Actor's Guild, Messmer is known for his performances on NBC's "Working" and "Mad About You" and has appeared as a regular guest on the "Maury Povich Show" and "Judge Hatchett" working with at-risk kids. Messmer's address also shared some of the consequences of the poor decisions he made during his life. He was listed on the FBI's most wanted list for 18 months due to his involvement in a multi-million dollar narcotics operation originating in Columbia, South America. Charges against him included assault on federal officers, attempted murder of federal officers, money laundering and conspiracy to import and distribute narcotics and cocaine. Messmer spent 11 years in maximum security prisons. He also talked to Cassville Middle School students during his visit as a part of the middle school cultural enrichment program. Messmer, who is originally from Wichita, Kan., currently resides in Cape Fair. He can be contacted through his website,

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