Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reader voices disappointment with officials

Dear Editor:

"Government cures are not only worse than the disease, but lead to future diseases." -- Friedrich A. Hayek, Nobel Prize-winning economist

I was pleased to attend the Ozarks Property Rights Association, Barry County Chapter, monthly meeting on Nov. 17 after I learned that county leaders were anxious to hear our views on Barry County government in general and the proposed sales tax, which failed to pass. They were also quite interested in the forensic audit of Barry County recommended by the Ozarks Property Rights Association, which we would pay for.

There were 32 people in attendance. Many attendees spoke freely about the severe needs of the people during this recession, suggestions for improvement and many other matters for over one and a half hours.

The Barry County leaders who attended listened courteously and asked questions regarding our points of view. I was very hopeful that some of the suggestions for more efficient government would be implemented. Silly me.

After reading the letter to the editor in last week's Democrat from those same officials, it was obvious they did not come with inquiring minds but merely to find fault with anything they could use to support their own agenda.

That agenda is basically to grow Barry County government, spend more of our money without restraint and refuse to even consider any money-saving ideas.

My personal suggestion to the officials was for them to change their thinking from "tax to spend" to "belt-tightening." My proposal to put suggestion boxes in each department so that employees could submit their cost-saving ideas and to submit a monthly newspaper item showing those savings to taxpayers was greeted with blank stares from the officials. That should have been a clue I missed revealing their total disinterest in cost savings.

I still have hope that these officials can clear their minds of "tax and spend" policies and try living within their means.

Hope springs eternal.


D.E. Madison

Cassville, Missouri