Cassville grad takes over Monett pet grooming business

Monday, December 5, 2011
Parker Stumpff/Pet Parlor Parker Stumpff, of Cassville, is the new owner and groomer of Pet Parlor, located at 101 S. Lincoln Ave. in Monett. Stumpff is pictured above brushing Lilly, a sheltie that Stumpff says he has grown very attached to. Democrat Photo/Lisa Craft

The Pet Parlor, located at 101 S. Lincoln Ave. in Monett, is under new ownership. Parker Stumpff, of Cassville, is the new owner and groomer. The Pet Parlor was owned and operated by Connie Holland for approximately 20 years.

When Holland decided to move to Arizona last summer she asked Parker's father, Donnie Stumpff to do an auction of her business and supplies. Donnie contacted his son about the opportunity, thinking Parker would be interested in the business.

"I have always loved animals," said Parker. "I was extremely interested in the business and asked Connie if she would be willing to train me. She said 'if you buy it, I will stay and train you.' I said, 'let's do it.'"

Holland trained Parker for three months. She taught Parker her grooming techniques and helped him learn the business. This time also allowed Parker to get to know the clients and for the dogs to get to know him.

"I haven't changed anything from how Connie did things," said Parker. "I groom the same, bathe them the same way. I don't want any changes."

Parker is a 2011 graduate of Cassville High School and took agriculture all four years of school. He was active in the Cassville FFA Chapter. He has helped his dad with auctioneering for many years, and two years ago, began auctioneering professionally.

"The auctioneer business has given me the opportunity to learn how to do things in a business-like order," said Parker.

Parker added that he has owned just about every animal imaginable from peacocks to llamas.

"When I was 5, I told my dad that I wanted a chicken," said Parker. "On Easter I woke up and had chickens, turkeys, ducks and all sorts of animals outside."

Parker took over The Pet Parlor at the beginning of October.

"I look at this as a long-term career," said Parker. "I enjoy it and love the dogs and actually have become more attached to the dogs than I thought I would. I am happy to be a member of the Monett business community and want everyone to know that everything is the same as when Connie owned it."

The Pet Parlor is open at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made by calling 417-235-7265.

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