DeCocq-Mutrux Reunion held

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The annual DeCocq-Mutrux Reunion featured a collection of 40 photos of brothers and sisters. Among the collection was a photo of brothers JD, Bob, Laverne, Leland and Lynn with their cousin Ted, which was taken in 1934, and a photo of sisters Eunice (Cole), Tressia (Leonard) and Faye (Herrel) taken in 1929.

Pookie DeCocq hosted a contest that gave young reunion attendees the opportunity to guess the number of candies in a jar. Derek Meeks, great-grandson of Willis Brendlinger, won the contest.

Over 90 family members, including 11 individuals who had never attended the event before, gathered for the DeCocq-Mutrux Reunion.

Family members attending from out-of-state included: John and Ann Shilling, of Alaska; Norene (Cole) Harmon and Lauryn, Eugene DeCocq, Fran Kistler, Warren and Paige Spillman and Becket and Jane Pike, of Arkansas; Carol Ann Anderson, of California; Charles and Glenda Mutrux, of Iowa; Janet DeCocq, David DeCocq and Becky Jenkins, of Kansas; Fred and Louise DeCocq, Diana and Bill Howard, Richard and Debbie Warcup and Tim DeCocq, of Oklahoma; and Susan Sperry, Carolyn Kemp and Judy Roundy, of Utah.

Missouri family members who attended the event included: Jon and Cathy Leonard, Elaine Blakley, Jamie and Donna Root and Shannon, Valerie DeCocq, Janice DeCocq, JD Mutrux, David Mutrux, Victoria Mutrux, Ross Mutrux, Jennifer Arnold, Tara Steele and Mackenzie Steele and Ashley Foy, Martin and Carol Micke, Chris and Angela Meeks and Derek, Isaac, Ethan and Abigale, Jeanie DeCocq, Lewis and Norah DeCocq and Victoria, Skyler and Rory, Naomi Campbell, Lacinda Linch and Devan, Cameron, Preston and Mason, Tara and Tyra Campbell, Kylon and Kyla Campbell, Steve and Brenda DeCocq, Steve and Pam Spillman, Jerry Bullock, Clifford and Vonda Cole and Ranelle, Alyssa and MarLeah, Jim and Emily Cole and Audrey, James, Jessica, Jennifer and Jaidon and Brianne Jansen, Rebecca (DeCocq) Burrell, Gary and Pookie DeCocq and Melissa, Doug and Jessica, Rozella DeCocq, Roberta DeCocq, Alna Russell and Ben and Marion Abrams.

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