Washburn hires new police officer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Washburn City Council hired a new part-time officer at its regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 17.

Doug Henry, police chief, pointed out that all of the city's current officers work for the Barry County Sheriff's Department during the day. He recommended the city hire a part-time officer to conduct some patrol services during the day.

After discussing Henry's recommendation, the aldermen voted to hire Terry Burgess as a part-time officer. He will work 10 hours per pay period.

Burgess' starting pay will be $9.50 per hour. He will receive a 25-cent raise after his first 90 days.

In other business, the Washburn City Council:

* Voted to increase Officer Brian Landreth's hours from 10 to 15 per pay period.

* Approved the purchase of 20 new meters, which will replace aging meters, and an extendable tool for cleaning at the influent station.

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