Letter to the Editor

CHS student offers opinion on increase

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Editor:

I am a Cassville High School student and I would like to address my opinion about the water increase issue, as I have been to most of the meetings and understand what is going on. I agree that the rate increases should be done over a period of time and so did the Mayor herself as she stated so at the meetings along with the Council Members.

What the Cassville citizens don't realize is that this has to be done now. One reason why it had to be done now is because Cassville's sewer and water pipes are old and need replaced.

Let me add that the citizens of Cassville are posting horrible and childish things on Facebook about the city Administrator Eugene Dilbeck, Mayor Tracy Holle, and the Council Members. Most of the posts on Facebook are not even on the water increase subject.

People keep talking about the 911 taxes not being raised but that was the will of the people that voted against it. People keep blaming this issue on the Mayor when it's not her fault because this should have been done a long time ago.

The Cassville Democrat stated the title on the water issue as, "Ignoring the will of the people" if this was true then we the people would also have to say the same to our oil companies for gas prices and many other companies. Also, if we went by the will of the people then we would be choosing our own salaries and make sure prices are cheaper. Why aren't you all marching up to the White House complaining about gas prices like you are complaining about water in your own city?

I would like to add that the city does care about its citizen's, and their opinions. They have to look at what is best for the city of Cassville. The Mayor and Council Members made a very hard decision to raise the water rates all at once instead of portions at a time, but in the end it will all work out.

I would like to further add that the Democrat stated, "And thank you to Bill Hill and Terry Heinz for listening to your constituents and attempting to forge a compromise. You truly modeled the qualities and characteristics we look for in our elected officials" I disagree and say thank you to all our elected officials for listening to the worried people of Cassville as everyone of you truly model characteristics of great Council Members.


Cameron Koehler

Cassville, Missouri