Letter to the Editor

Taxes should not subsidize utilities

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Editor:

We live outside the city of Cassville, in the county, as do many who form the customer base for Cassville businesses. We too have a stake in the water rate controversy. It is something of a shock to learn that when we have come into Cassville and spent our money, the taxes we have paid have been used to pay for other people's water. We expect to pay taxes for street maintenance and infrastructure that we use, but that money was going to subsidize the water department. We country folk do not use city water. Why should we pay for other people's water use?

I am amazed at the wanton stupidity I have heard expressed by some city water users and even a couple of aldermen. The idea of selling something for half its cost is so foolish that even a grade school kid could understand its futility. There's an old joke about two men buying watermelons in Georgia for a dollar and hauling them to Missouri to sell for fifty cents. When they find they are going broke, one of them says, "We need to buy a bigger truck." No doubt those two aldermen think a bigger water tower might help.

It is typical that rather than being grateful for all the free water they have received during the years, some residents would gripe that they actually have to pay for what they use. Has anyone sent the Board of Aldermen a thank-you note for the free water they have received for years? Has anyone written a letter to the editor thanking the county residents for paying for part of their water for years? I think not.

I am very grateful that two aldermen and her honor the mayor have the common sense, good judgment, and backbone to deal with the problem and do what is best for Cassville's future.


Mark D. Meadows

Cassville, Missouri