Letter to the Editor

The United States is not a democracy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Editor:

In the Commentary Nov. 9, the mayor and two councilmen were critized for not doing the will of the people and voting to further the mayor's agenda. The commentary also said the city should function as a democracy.

The United States is NOT a Democracy and never has been. The United States is a Constitutional Republic. The tendency, at least since Woodrow Wilson, has been to move toward a democracy. The big problem with that is Socialism and many people in the country think that is where we should be. They should educate themselves about what that really means. There are many in the current Federal Government that are self proclaimed Socialists or Marxists and you can see where that is taking the country.

The Mayor and Council's primary job is ensuring the City pays its bills. At present the water and wastewater income is woefully incapable of meeting the bills not to mention not having funds to replace old worn out lines. Much of the city's water and wastewater lines are the original installation. The city has not adjusted rates in about 14 years. The water and wastewater income has had to be supplemented from the general funds. Water and wastewater are supposed to be stand-alone items. Taking money from the general fund is taking away from streets and other items that money should go for. If we the people don't solve this problem ourselves Mo.EPA will solve it for us and I don't believe any of us think that would be good.

The bottom line is, if not now, when? If not this increase, then how? What would you have them do? Rather than just pick the decision apart, what do you recommend? I think a Commentary suggesting other means to generate the necessary funds would be appreciated by all.


Ray Claywell

Cassville, Missouri