Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the help and support

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to give a quick thank you to Mindi at the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Cassville for allowing the zombies to stomp the street to "Thriller" in front of the courthouse during Trick-or-Treat Around the Square.

Thanks to Police Chief Kammerlohr for trusting the zombies to entertain and not scare the little kids, and thanks to Director Phillips for allowing us to practice in the conference room at the 911 Center.

A big fat thank you to Mary Richmiller for conveying to the show choir that I was looking for volunteers and for all her support!

I couldn't be prouder of the zombies that came to practice, learned the routine and put their best foot forward --and dragged the back one -- on the square. You guys were gruesomely awesome! Thank you, parents, for allowing them to play zombie with me. It was so much fun!


Ann Hennigan

Cassville, Missouri