Letter to the Editor

City council should have listened

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Editor:

I can hardly find the words to express how disappointed I am in the elected officials of Cassville, the mayor and aldermen. They had the opportunity Monday night with the water and sewer issue to both raise rates and make points with the citizens of our community. If they had only listened to the citizens and raised the rates a little at a time, slowly over a period of time, more people would probably have accepted the increase. Instead, they chose to raise the rates all at once.

I have followed the rate increase issue closely as I am sure most of you have. I attended the informational meeting, and I think the administrator gave good reasons for an increase. I also attended the public meeting where our citizens could speak and voice their concerns and give suggestions. The speakers were good and spoke from the heart. I came away from that public meeting with the feeling that most people knew and understood that Cassville needed a water and sewer rate increase. However, I also came away from the meeting with the feeling that a majority wanted the increase to be implemented slowly and not added to our bill all at once. I guess the mayor and at least two aldermen didn't share that feeling.

In closing, let me say again how disappointed I am in Cassville's city government. I favor a water and sewer rate increase, but not by putting an unnecessary burden on our citizens. It took a long time to get in this situation and it will take some time to get out of it.


Pete Landstad

Cassville, Missouri