Wheaton approves pay increases

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Wheaton City Council voted to give two city employees pay raises at its regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 6.

Mayor Donnie Powell reported that Margie Schad, assistant city clerk, has been employed by the city for over 90 days, which is when job reviews and pay increase considerations are traditionally conducted.

After the aldermen reviewed the city's current budget and discussed employee pay levels, a motion was made to pay Jerry McBride and Bob Lombard, public works employees, holiday pay. McBride will be paid at his inspection service rate, which is $25 per hour.

The council also voted to give Clint Clark, police chief, and Marianne Witt, city clerk, pay increases of 50 cents per hour.

Schad will remain employed at her current pay rate, which is $8 per hour. Schad's performance was scheduled to be reviewed at the October council meeting.

In other business, the Wheaton City Council:

* Voted to give residents until the 26th day of the month to pay their utility bills before services will be disconnected.

* Voted to place a security light on property owned by Bert Nelson to illuminate Feather Fiber parking lot. The project will cost $300.

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