City will hold meeting Thursday

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Thursday, the City of Cassville will hold an informational meeting to present facts and information on a proposed water and sewer rate increase. The meeting will be held at the Cassville City Hall council chambers at 6 p.m.

"We welcome the opportunity for residents to understand the need and reasons behind the proposed rate increase," said Eugene Dilbeck, city administrator. "We also hope to correct misinformation and preceptions that water bills are automatically going to double or triple regardless of the amount of water usage.

"The public information meeting on Oct. 20 is when the city will explain the need for the rate increase," said Dilbeck. "The public hearing on Nov. 3 is when residents will give their thoughts and opinions about a proposed rate increase."

On Sept. 19, the Cassville City Council adopted a plan to develop new water and sewer rates for the city. The council also voted to provide citizens' with an opportunity to voice concerns regarding the proposed rate increase during a public hearing, which will be held Nov. 3. The aldermen have not approved the rate increase at this time.

The aldermen are considering a rate increase recommendation developed by the Cassville Infrastructure Task Force. If the recommendation is approved, the city's base rate for residential water will increase from $10.27 to $11.50 and the per 1,000-gallon usage charge from $1.80 to $5.25. The base rate for sewer service will decrease from $8.09 to $7, and the usage charge will increase from $2.92 to $7.50.

In addition to increasing the residential water and sewer rates, the plan increases the base rate for commercial water services. Businesses that use one- to two-inch meters will pay a base rate of $23, and businesses that use three- or four-inch meters will pay a base rate of $28.50.

The commercial water usage rate will be the same as the residential usage rate, and the basic and usage rates for sewer services will mirror the residential rates. Surcharges may apply to businesses that require pre-treatment of wastewater.

Cassville residents are encouraged to attend the informational meeting on Thursday, Oct. 20 and offer feedback during the public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Residents can also contact the city to obtain information on how the proposed rate increase will impact their household.

For more information, call the Cassville City Hall at 847-4441, extension 10.

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