Wildcats fifth at Cassville Invitational cross country meet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

McDonald County swept the team titles in both the varsity boys and varsity girls divisions of Monday's Cassville Invitational cross country meet. The Mustangs scored 42 to take the boys' crown while the Lady Mustangs tallied 49.

The Monett Cubs took third in the boys team race with 70 points. Cassville finished fifth (168), Southwest was sixth (178) and Wheaton placed 10th (217).

Ryan Beaver, of College Heights, held off Monett's Chris Renteria by a second -- 16:26 to 16:27 -- to win the most exciting race of the day. Savannah Beaver ran away with the varsity girls race in 20:11.

Results for Barry County runners in the varsity boys race: Chris Renteria, Monett, second, 16:27; Cristian Sellars, Southwest, eighth, 17:34; Michael Morley, Monett, 10th, 17:38; Isaac Weber, Monett, 12th; Jonah Ragsdale, Monett, 14th; Connor Redmon, Cassville, 22nd; Jon Sherwood, Wheaton, 25th; Taylor Dodson, Cassville, 26th; James Pettit, Southwest, 28th; Tyler Pendergraft, Wheaton, 29th; AJ McCormick, Purdy, 30th; Zach Miles, Southwest, 32nd; Edwin Perez, Monett, 33rd; Jordan Shore, Cassville, 39th; Dalton Paynter, Monett, 40th; Walker Perez, Cassville, 45th;

Aaron Morley, Monett, 46th; Nathan Vitt, Cassville, 47th; Ben Makela, Cassville, 50th; Drew Williams, Purdy, 52nd; Kyle Miller, Southwest, 54th; Justin Yeary, Wheaton, 57th; Lucas Ridenhour, Purdy, 59th; Matt Hickman, Wheaton, 61st; Chase Cantwell, Wheaton, 62nd; Tyler Musick, Wheaton, 64th; David Hasten, Wheaton, 66th; TJ Matthews, Cassville, 67th; Devan Keeler, Purdy, 72nd; and Jake Shrum, Southwest, 73rd.

Results for Barry County runners in varsity girls race: Madeleine Weber, Monett, fifth; 21:31; Deborah Kern, Cassville, seventh, 22:10; Sophie Fulton, Monett, 21st; Brittany Harmon, Wheaton, 22nd; Breanna Brattin, Wheaton, 23rd; Chase Burns, Wheaton, 26th; Brittany Schultz, Monett, 28th; Reba Dupont, Cassville, 29th; Emma Shupbach, Monett, 32nd; Brittany Miles, Southwest, 34th; and Lupe Renteria, Monett, 38th.

Middle school boys results: Dalton Aubrey, McDonald County, first, 8:54; Tate Banks, Wheaton, 23rd; Alex Dyer, Cassville, 27th; Kaden Prepps, Purdy; Trent Bolinger, Purdy; Hunter Dyer, Cassville, 40th; Austin Trent, Purdy, 43rd; Alex Jiminez, Southwest, 44th; Robbie Sewell, Cassville, 45th; Perry Tallant, Southwest, 49th; Jayce Brattin, Wheaton, 51st; Liam Dougherty, Cassville, 53rd; Steven Barnes, Southwest, 57th; Charlie Seymour, Cassville, 58th; Kade Reed, Wheaton, 60th; Ian Coleman, Cassville, 63rd; and Daniel Harris, Wheaton, 66th.

Middle school girls results: Emily Sorrell, East Newton, first, 9:32; Alicia Huse, Cassville, 13th, 10:58; Megan Thomas, Purdy, 14th, 11:08; Marley Sherwood, 23rd, Wheaton; Camille Holman, Cassville, 25th; Morgan Schilly, Purdy, 26th; Olivia Padilla, Cassville, 29th; Jessica Roberts, Cassville, 38th; Andrea Cousins, Cassville, 46th; BriAunna Hickman, Cassville, 48th; Alexis Cieslinski, Cassville, 50th; Alesha Cousins, Cassville, 51st; Mollie Durossette, Cassville, 53rd; Morgan Grissom, Purdy. 55th; Haley Beck, Wheaton, 57th; Mattie Stevenson, Cassville, 58th; and Makenzy Durossette, Cassville, 61st.

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