Letter to the Editor

Resident shares concerns about possible rate increase

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Editor:

Recently, I have been troubled by the proposal by the City of Cassville to raise water and sewer rates. I decided to call the city to do a comparison between what my water bill is currently and what it will be when the new increase takes effect.

This month my household usage was 20,200 gallons. Using this usage my water and sewer bill is currently $61.51. Under the new rate increase, my new bill will be $291.05. My bill is essentially increasing four times the amount it is now. I am worried not only for our citizens both the young and the elderly but for our business community as well.

We are fortunate to live in a community that is considered progressive in nature. We are able to enjoy a thriving downtown and industry chooses to locate here because of the low cost in operating. What will happen to our businesses?

Make no mistake about this; the cost of this increase will be passed along to consumers. Businesses will be trying to survive along with residents of Cassville. In an effort to save money, our citizens will be forced to shop in other communities to save money. Essentially we are raising rates on both businesses and citizens and this can only result in a loss for both. The price to do business in Cassville will be too high for both consumers and owners of local businesses.

Certainly, I know that there is a price to living in such a wonderful community. I am urging citizens of Cassville and business owners to attend the Nov. 3 special meeting. As a community we need to address the needs of Cassville in a realistic and responsible manner that will not only benefit the city but allow the community as a whole to thrive.


Christy Hermansen

Cassville, Missouri