Cassville citizens could be impacted by maintenance

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The City of Cassville will conduct major maintenance on the water tower located near the Cassville Walmart Supercenter over the next few weeks. Maintenance is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 28.

"We wish this could be done without affecting water pressure to homes and businesses, but that just isn't possible when you are cleaning and painting the inside of a tower," said Steve Walensky, public works director. "We will always maintain the minimum pressure that meets the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) standards."

During the maintenance, residents who live within water zone four could experience reduced water pressure.

The northern boundary of zone four is the north side of Walmart from Farm Road 1060 east to Sky Street. This includes the Sunset Heights neighborhood. The eastern boundary of the zone is from Sky Street and Sunset Heights south to Old Exeter Road or First Street.

The southern boundary of the zone encompasses the homes on Old Exeter Road west of Sky Street south along Highway 37 to the Cox Medical Center. This includes Red Rose Health and Rehab, Cassville Heights Apartments and businesses on Smithson Drive and Highway 37 north of the Cox clinic.

The western boundary can be drawn beginning with Farm Road 1098 south from Walmart to Highway 76. This includes the Chappell Estates neighborhood.

"Water is our most precious natural resources," said Walensky. "The city is responsible to the citizens and DNR to maintain a high level of public safety, water quality and fire protection. We have notified and are working with the major businesses and Cassville Fire Department to maintain adequate fire protection at all times."

For more information, call 847-4441, extension 10.

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